How Alaris Infusion Pumps Help Medical Facilities Save Time and Improve Patient Care


What indicators determine a healthcare facility’s success rate? Generally, it may include diagnostic procedures, treatment success, and how long it takes to carry out procedures. As hospitals work to boost their efficiency, it is clear that time affects all these factors.

IV infusion pumps can free up time for staff in hospitals and health facilities. The latest devices have features that can reduce errors associated with older systems. Studies have associated traditional systems with 56% of medication mistakes, and 61% of serious life-threatening errors.

In this article, we’ll look at how Smart Alaris infusion pumps can help health facilities to prioritize their time. Also, how hospitals can give patients more attention and how effectively helps save lives.

Programming Time

The time it takes to program IV infusion pumps can have significant implications in a hospital setting. One of the advantages of infusions pumps is that they come with libraries and correction systems that prevent drug administration errors. The Alaris system has a color display with a simple, user-friendly menu.

The programming time is critical because it can increase drug administration errors. There are two different ways that mistakes can happen. The first is that the longer it takes to program the device, the higher the likelihood of distractions and interruptions.

Secondly, programming can increase errors since it raises the risk that the person performing the task can bypass parts of the system. Users of the device may be tempted to avoid critical procedures such as the use of Drug Error Reductions Systems. The modes and protocols in the smart infusion systems can significantly reduce time-constraints and frustrations.

Error Related Delays

Alaris pumps can also save time by better management of error checking and correcting previous medication mistakes. The IV infusion pumps have drug libraries that prevent the user from making coding oversight. It can match the color code and the drug label, which determines if you can proceed with the process.

Alaris IV infusion pumps can have four modules that allow for different infusions. It reduces the need to constantly change the configurations of the system, every time you move to a section area of the hospital.

The error correction mechanism in your Alaris device can provide comprehensive information on dose limits, guidelines, and recommendations. Staff at the medical facility do not have to perform multiple computations. The system can analyze the rates of use, and give advisories on how to improve the efficacy of your procedures.

Better Training

Smart infusion pumps can also reduce the time it takes for your staff to master using the device. Staff can learn to use modes such as the Anesthesia, Soft, Authorized User, and Tamper Resist Mode. The smart feature in the Alaris system uses protocols to ensure better coordination between modes for safety.

Entering information like patient data and clinician data is simpler with Alaris IV infusion pumps. Additionally, it is possible to reuse it when you have multiple devices communicating simultaneously. The interconnection does not require additional input from each of the devices.

More Time for Patient Care

The Alaris system has an alarm management protocol that is user-friendly and designed to enhance safety. It employs audio, visual, and text messages to alert of a possible problem with the configurations, or with the device. Better management of alerts minimizes the need for staff to make multiple trips.

Smart infusion pumps free the time your staff has to attend to issues associated with traditional systems. Having to manage alarms and errors in other conventional devices can cause distress and impact the morale of medical staff. Alaris Smart pumps allow the hospital to prioritize time and provide quality care for their clients.

In Conclusion

While smart infusion pumps cannot eliminate all errors, studies have shown that they enhance patient safety significantly. The features are easy to use, and they can intelligently manage the configurations of interconnected modules. Alaris Pumps from MedOne can help your facility prioritize time and enhance patient care.

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