Fighting Cancer The Signs Of Breast Cancer And Treatment


In the United States, Americans do all that they can in order to remain healthy. This can include, but is not limited to eating healthily and exercising at least thirty minutes a day. Although, healthy foods and exercise help with maintaining proper weight, lowering blood cholesterol and pressure, and creating a healthy cardiovascular and muscular system, it does not help with everything in terms of health. As human beings, we are not immune to developing certain illnesses and diseases. In fact, because we are human beings we are likely to be diagnosed with certain illnesses and diseases. We then battle them to return to our healthy selves. However, there is one such disease that has been devastating to the human population. This disease is cancer.

Statistically, cancer is the second leading cause of deaths in individuals worldwide. In addition, a year prior, around 1,762,450 new cancer diagnoses were confirmed. Among these cases, about 268,600 new cases of breast cancer were confirmed last year. Cancer is a horrible, relentless, and scary disease, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t fight it upon diagnosis. If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, specifically breast cancer, here are the signs of the disease and breast cancer treatment.

The Signs Of Breast Cancer

To begin breast cancer, by definition is, a disease where the cells in the breast(s) grow rapidly. Some will refer to the cell production as, “out of control.” There are different kinds of breast cancer, two to be exact, an individual can be diagnosed with. Additionally, breast cancer can be discovered in different parts of the breast, whether that is ducts, tissue, or lobules. Typically, breast cancer occurs in women, although some men have been diagnosed with breast cancer previously. There are certain signs and symptoms to look for before and during a cancer diagnosis. Most signs can help with early detection, which is certainly imperative.

A Lump: This is possibly the most common sign of breast cancer. It is normal for women to feel things within their breast during a self check. This is because our breasts are filled with connective tissue, muscles, and other materials that can be confused for a lump. This is one of the reasons why self check as well as an examination from an OB/GYN is so important in feminine care.

However, if you feel a significant sized lump in your breast, or under your armpit, that was not there before, this is a sign that you could have breast cancer. It is ideal to have this lump checked by a medical professional to discover if it is cancerous and if you may need cancer care.

Change In Appearance: This sign is much more noticeable than a lump which you will have to feel. If your breast, or breasts has a significant change in appearance this could be a sign of breast cancer. More specifically, if your breast(s) are swollen or if it appears thick in a certain area, this is a sign that you may have breast cancer.

Additionally, if your breast is changing in size or shape, this could be a sign that you may have breast cancer. Therefore, it is important that you pay close attention to the appearance of your breast(s).

Pain: This is a sign of breast cancer that you’ll notice immediately. Now, it is common to experience some pain and tenderness before you begin menstruating. However, if you’re experiencing extreme pain, this is a sign that you may have breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Treatment

There are many options to breast cancer treatment. This all depends on the type of cancer you have, the stage it is in, and any recommendations from a medical professional, specifically an oncologist. Here are some cancer treatment options.

Surgery: In terms of breast cancer treatment, many women struggle with this form of treatment. However, there are many women that choose surgery for their breast cancer treatment. With surgery, a medical professional will remove the cancer in your breast.

Chemotherapy: Chemotherapy is the most common form of breast cancer treatment. During the process of chemotherapy, a cancer patient will be given medication to kill the cancer, or it will be injected into her.

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