Hormone Replacement Therapy The Ins and Outs


Hormones are a delicate balance that the body has the job of controlling. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always perform at a hundred percent. Sometimes our bodies fluctuate, or have imbalanced hormones. On the bright side, though, a hormone doctor can use a variety of methods to aid the body in balancing our hormones for us. A popular method is called IV hydration therapy, but the list ranges from this to peptide therapy to stem cell therapy. If you suffer from unbalanced hormones, this article may have useful information.

There are over fifty different kinds of hormones that your body produces, so it’s no wonder it struggles to adequately balance so many different kinds all the time. Without delving too far into the technicalities of these several kinds of hormones, the basic idea is that each one gives you a certain feeling or bodily sensation. Your body produces these chemicals, but sometimes it needs help. For example, for the female population in the U.S. at or near menopause, numbering 37 million, up to seventy-five percent of them experience symptoms of estrogen withdrawal, mostly taking the form of hot flashes. IV hydration therapy inserts hormones through the patient’s veins, giving them direct access to the chemicals their body is lacking.

Another option is to undergo peptide therapy. Peptide therapy affects the body on a deeper level. Instead of injecting the hormones themselves into the body, peptides are given and act as a booster for the body’s hormone production. In other words, it’s fuel for the body to create hormones on its own. Peptide therapy can be given in intradermal, or shallow, skin-deep, shots, creams, nasal sprays and oral tablets. Compared to IV hydration therapy, peptide therapy is slightly less invasive.

Selecting an option for hormone replacement therapy can be challenging, but hopefully some of this information proved useful. Finding a hormone replacement therapist or doctor is key to finding out which is right for you, specifically. Learning all the knowledge available is a good first step, though. Hormones affect every part of our lives, and it can be liberating to alleviate the problem if they are becoming one. If you or someone you know is suffering from hormone imbalance, a visit to an expert can only be beneficial.

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