Reduce Burnout With Medical Digital Check-in Software


Physician and medical staff burnout has been an ongoing and significant concern. Fortunately, however, the physician burnout rate has dropped to less than 50% of U.S. doctors, according to the results of a recent survey discussed at Over 5,000 physicians responded to this survey conducted by American Medical Association, Mayo Clinic, and Stanford University School of Medicine researchers.

The Study’s Results

The results showed that physician burnout has somewhat decreased. In 2011, for example, 45.5% of physicians exhibited a minimum of one burnout symptom. In 2014 this was 54.4%, and in 2017, this was reduced to 43.9% of physicians practicing within the United States. These results applied to physicians that experienced a minimum of one burnout symptom, according to the American Medical Association’s (AMA) site.

The AMA’s Commitment to Addressing Challenges

The AMA is exploring and addressing a variety of aspects that contribute to and/or otherwise cause, physician burnout. This includes the time constraints physicians face as well as those related to available technology and hospital regulations. In order to gain an understanding of physicians day-to-day lives and the types of challenges they face when performing their jobs, the AMA also engages in an organizational assessment to determine overall well-being. Given these strategies, the AMA wants to focus on providing relevant solutions and support for its physicians.

Reduce Stress by Better Handling Workflow

The AMA’s Ed Hub outlines a few tips on enhancing efficiency and reducing stress. These are all educational modules that can be taken by physicians as well as other clinical staff. One of these is having a pre-registration process for patients. Another is to create team-based care, which includes daily and weekly meetings. Creating a good flow within the office space is also of interest to ensure that patients and the staff that serve them are comfortable.

Improve Efficiency With Medical Digital Check-in Software

If your medical office has been focused on streamlining its day-to-day operations and reducing burnout, you may want to learn more about medical digital check-in software. Using this software may also reduce the need to hire additional staff to check in patients, process data, and so forth. When medical offices run efficiently and effectively, it can also make a significant impact on reducing provider burnout.

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