The Right Parts for Your Bicycle


Many land vehicles are used for transporting people and goods alike around the world today, from truck to buses to sedans to trains. One of the most common vehicles today are bicycles, and they can be found everywhere in great numbers, even in developing parts of the world. In fact, in some parts of the world, bicycles largely replace cars and trucks as the main means of transport, and globally, bicycles outnumber cars two to one. Some bicycles are used for leisure and others are used for commuting or delivering goods, while others are used for competitive racing. No matter how a bicycle is used, the owner should visit bike shops or online catalogs to find the right parts to upgrade and replace it, and that varies from a new bike chain or brake pads to leather bike saddles, carbon fiber bike saddles, and more. A bicycle’s seat is often referred to as its saddle, and leather bike saddles may be some of the most popular. What different models of leather bike saddles might a rider need?

On Bicycles

These vehicles are found all over the developed and developing world alike, and they can be used for many different purposes, such as commuting. In developed parts of the world, commuting is usually done by motor vehicle, but some employees may like to ride to work on a bicycle for the exercise (and all its health benefits) and to save on gas money and cut back on emissions. That, and if a bike rider lives close enough to work, they can take their own route and avoid traffic jams and the like. Meanwhile, in developing parts of the world, bicycles are often the standard wheeled transport, where few motor vehicles may be found.

These bicycles support a large industry, and many Americans ride bicycles for leisure, commuting, or competitive racing alike. In 2015, for a recent example, around $1.2 billion worth in used bicycles were sold, in that year, the overall American bicycle industry earned close to $6.2 billion in direct sales for bicycles, their parts such as leather bike saddles or chains, and more. And ever since 2005, states across the U.S. have reported a 46% rise in the number of employees riding bikes to work, which collectively takes a lot of cars of the road. This is healthy work; the British Medical Association conducted a study and found that coronary heart disease rates are cut in half when a person rides bicycles for 20 miles each week or so.

The Right Bike Parts

A person may buy a new or used bike, and they may have some parts of it replaced or repaired if need be, or have new accessories added to it. A bicycle’s brake pads or the brake levers may wear out, and for safety’s sake, they should of course be replaced at once. A bicycle may also have toe clips added to the pedals, which catch the feet when the pedals are lifted and therefore adds more power to the bike. Meanwhile, a bicycle’s seat, or saddle, may be swapped out for a new one based on the rider’s preference, and there’s more than one way to make a bicycle saddle. The saddle’s very shape and material may be impacted by the bicycle’s intended use.

Leather bike saddles are some of the toughest, and riders may appreciate the comfortable but durable leather on their saddle. Leather bike saddles may be used for extensive leisure riding in a park or for competitive racing alike, but the shape will differ. Leisurely bike riding involves a wider, softer saddle that makes direct sitting easier and more comfortable for the sitting bones. A rider may definitely appreciate a saddle’s leather covering in that case.

Competitive bicycle riding calls for narrow, harder seats, since the rider won’t sit directly on them very often. These racers tend to lean forward and they can’t allow a wide bicycle saddle to rub against their legs during riding, so this shape is preferable. All the same, a racing bicycle may have a leather saddle reinforced with carbon fiber seats for use during slower parts of a race, and the leather may last for a long time if cared for.

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