The Human Body is Full of Muscles and They Need Strength Training


You never truly understand what the lack of physical activity does to your body until after some time has passed from neglecting it. You do not have as much energy, and you are weaker from your muscle mass shrinking. The principle is simple: if you lead a life that does not involve using your muscles often, then your muscle mass is reduced. It is time you turn to weight training and exercise.

What Lack of Exercise Can Do to You

If you count the individual muscles that exist in your body, you would get to 650 and then some. You need muscles to do even the most smallest of tasks like picking up a pencil. Refusing to use your muscles in any meaningful way can lead to as much as 50 percent muscle mass loss by the time you reach 80 years old.

What an Exercise Can Do For You

What an exercise can do for you is so much more than what it does when you do not. The negatives are a small list, but the negatives can weigh heavily against you.

Weight training in a meaningful way starts to stop your muscle degradation, prevent it and begin to reverse it. And this is the goal. You do not have to expand your muscles to extreme size, you just need to exercise enough that your sedentary lifestyle can be balanced. In fact, sedentary lifestyles have been notorious for causing lower back pain. If you throw a little strength training into your weekly routine, you can start alleviating that back pain significantly, as much as 80 percent of people have expressed the difference in their pain.

And of course, who could forget that exercise, strength or cardio, reduces your body fat. All you need to do is add two weight training sessions into your week and you can easily drop 7 percent of your body fat. It starts with you.

Equipment You Will Need

A popular exercise in strength training is powerlifting. But before you go powerlifting 100 lbs weights, you need to understand the equipment you will need.

For starters, you do not immediately start powerlifting your limit. No, you start off small and condition yourself gradually. You have had a sedentary lifestyle for quite some time and that can determine how good of a shape you are in. Do not hurt yourself trying to get fit. Take your time.

For the equipment, you will need everything that can help keep you stationary and keep anything from slipping, like your hands and your feet. You are lifting several dozens of pounds and you do not want to injure yourself trying to get fit. Invest in a powerlifting belt and powerlifting socks. You will need weight lifting knee wraps and wrist wraps. You will also need shoes that have excellent grip.

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