What are the Health Benefits of CBD Oil?


In the recent past, CBD oil has gained massive popularity as they are readily available in street health shops. The interest is especially among wellness enthusiasts due to some properties in CBD oil that boost wellness as well as treat anxiety disorders. However, there is still a lot of misinformation regarding what CBD oil is and its benefits. Also of concern is whether CBD oil is the same as cannabis. CBD is part of chemical compounds called cannabinoids that are found in the cannabis plant. CBD occurs naturally and after extraction, it is mixed with carrier oil to make CBD oil. Unlike some cannabinoids that sometimes give users the ‘high’ sensation associated with the cannabis plant, CBD does not make you ‘high’. It is known to offer a wide range of health benefits such as family wellness, pain management and as a sleep aid. This explains its growing popularity.

Is CBD Oil Legal
Another contentious is regarding the legality of CBD oil. This confusion is based on the fact that cannabis on its own is used as a controlled substance. While there are a number of cannabinoids that are classified as controlled substances, CBD oil is legal as is it mostly used for medical purposes. However, the condition is that the CBD is extracted from hemp that has approved under the set standards.

How Should CBD Oil be Taken?
In most cases, you will find that CBD oil is available as a tincture. It is taken by applying cbd oil drops under the tongue. By taking it in form of cbd oil drops, it becomes possible for it to be absorbed after being held in the mouth for a few moments. Another way of taking CBD oil apart from cbd oil drops is by adding it to water or smoothies. The oil is also available in spray from or in capsule form. Most recently, there was the introduction of CBD oil in form of e-liquid to be used in vape pens. In terms of dosage, it is often recommended that you start with the smallest dosage and build your way up from there. The effects of the oil are immediate and it is easy to tell whether a certain dosage is working or not. If not, you can gradually increase the dose provided that the increase is not done abruptly.

Health Benefits of CBD Oil
One of the most significant health benefits is that it has pain relieving effects. This relief is derived from CBD’s interaction with the pain receptors in the brain and immune system-something that alleviates pain and inflammation. CBD also has anti-seizure properties. Ideally, seizure is as a result of a surge in the electrical activity in the brain. Several tests conducted have established that people with epilepsy taking CBD oil have had their epileptic episodes going down by a large margin. People with anxiety issues can also benefit immensely from CBD oil. Previously, CBD was only known to treat symptoms of psychological issues. However, recent research suggests that CBD is indeed very effective in the treatment of several mental problems including anxiety. In relation to cancer treatment, CBD as well as a number of compounds found in cannabis have anti-tumor effect and can increase the death rate of tumor cells in leukemia and colon cancer. It has also been found to reduce and stop the spread of cancerous cells in cervical cancer. People with sleeping issues can also use CBD oil to act as a sleeping aid.

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