5 Tips for a Better Recovery From a Hair Transplant Surgery


Men all over the world worry about losing their hair. Nearly 85% of men who reach the age of 50 have already lost a good amount of their hair. In the United States, there are more than 35 million men are either bald or on their way to being bald. This is one reason so many of them head to hair transplant clinics for solutions to their problem. They often have a lot of question for the hair loss specialists they talk to such as, “what is the cost of a hair replacement surgery?” One area that sometimes does not get much attention is ways to make the recovery time easier. Here are a few recommendations from male hair loss specialists:

  1. Take it easy for a few days. Some people are not sure when they should go back to work or back to their workout routine. The thing is that despite the cost of a hair transplant surgery, it is not major surgery but it is surgery. It is important to let your body heal after your operation. Take a few days to relax, watch some Netflix and not get all that blood rushing to your head. This is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Plus, how often does life make you stop and just take care of you?
  2. Keep your head elevated when you sleep. For at least a week, you need to keep your head as elevated as you can stand it because this will keep the amount of swelling down by preventing blood from rushing to your scalp. The seven days after this kind of procedure are crucial for your recovery and the success of the hair transplant. The incisions are fresh and at their most vulnerable point for your hair follicles. During the day, the more you can avoid bending over, the better. This is for the same reason you need to sleep with your head elevated.
  3. Take care when touching your hair. For the first two days, you should not wash your scalp. The only reason you should ignore that rule is if your hair specialist tells you something different. Once you are past the two-day mark, you can start cleaning your hair. You should use water that is lukewarm, and be very careful. For the first two weeks after your surgery, you should continue this way. This will help you prevent excessive scabbing.
  4. Know going in that this is not an overnight solution. Many men going into this thinking that they will heal up and have normal hair right away. That justifies the cost of a hair transplant surgery, right? Unfortunately, it does not work like that. Despite the fact that often hair transplant patients know in their head that the process can take anywhere between three and six months for new hair to grow. Not all hair grows at the same rate. After about nine months, everything should be healed up and your hair should grow as it once did naturally. If you really understand this timeline before you have the procedure done, it will be a lot easier to deal with.
  5. Take your medications and eat to heal. When your doctor gave you prescriptions or suggested over the counter medications they did that for a reason. You need to take everything as directed. At the same time, eating healthy foods can also work wonders and help you heal. Stay away from alcohol and spicy food that move more blood to your head and scalp area.

There are a lot of ways that getting a person’s hair back is worth the cost of a hair transplant surgery. People often judge a person’s age by the color of their hair or how much they have, despite the fact that hair loss can occur early or late. When a person, who has suffered from hair loss gets that hair back, it can do wonders for their self-esteem and confidence. If you take the time to learn ways to help your healing process, you will make sure the cost of a hair transplant surgery was worth it because the end result is healthy and happy hair.

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