Worried About Getting Sick? Here are 4 Reasons to Make a Flublock Vaccine a Priority This Fall


Each year, approximately 200,000 people catch the flu and end up in the hospital for treatment. While it’s not always possible to avoid the influenza virus, there are a few things that can help. Washing your hands regularly prevents the spread of germs. Eating right gives your immune system the tools it needs to fight off the virus. And getting the flublok vaccine will give you a leg up in staying healthy during the height of cold and flu season. Wondering if getting the flu vaccine is worth making an appointment with your doctor? Here are a few reasons you and your family should get vaccinated this year.

1. The Flu is a Serious Virus

Some cases of the flu may leave you feeling slightly under the weather, but others can have serious complications. These range from upper respiratory infections to severe dehydration. The last thing anyone wants is to have to spend time in the hospital! Getting the flublok vaccine will help you stay healthier and avoid having to seek medical treatment during the height of flu season.

2. Sick Days Interrupt Your Life

You and your family has to go to work and school every day. But when you’re sick with the flu, you need to stay home. This can cut into your income for the month, interrupt your child’s education, and derail fun family plans you’d made months in advance. Since the flu shot protects against two types of influenza A, you’ll be able to reduce the number of sick days each year that your family has to take.

3. The Flu Changes Every Year

Some vaccines only need to be given once every few years, even multi-dose vaccines that require booster shots. The flu vaccine is not one of them. This is because the flu itself changes and evolves each year. The vaccine you or your child received last year may not be effective against the current strain. Worse, it’s probably worn off entirely! Making the flublok vaccine a priority this year helps you stay protected from the current strain throughout the cold and flu season.

4. It’s Easy

Finding someone to give you a flu vaccine is incredibly easy. All it takes is a call to your doctor. But if you’re on the go, you’ll also be able to find the vaccine at countless pharmacies, grocery store clinics, and even community vaccine drives. It’s accessible, takes only a couple of minutes out of your day, and is safe for everyone. Whether you’re looking for safe vaccines for seniors or need a flublok vaccine for your child, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing it is designed to be as safe as possible.

Wondering how to get your flublok vaccine this year? Contact your doctor and schedule an appointment or head to a local walk-in clinic. The sooner you and your loved ones get vaccinated, the better prepared you’ll be to fight off the flu.

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