Treatment Options For Breast Cancer


Treatment Options For Breast Cancer

Finding out you or your loved one has been diagnosed with cancer can be one of the most scary, unnerving times of your lives. Cancer is a serious diagnosis that requires aggressive treatment and multiple doctor visits. Based on a consensus from 2011 to 2015, just over 439 per 1,000 people had new cases of cancer. In addition, while non-Hispanic white women are more likely to receive a cancer diagnoses, African American women are more likely to experience death from breast cancer. Not surprisingly, breast cancer is the next most common form of cancer for American women, just second to skin cancer. Early detection and cancer therapy is the person’s best bet to winning the fight against cancer. Since most people know someone who has been affected with cancer or have been affected themselves, they are aware of how difficult the process can be. Cancer therapy takes a toll on ones body and treatment is a necessity. Chemotherapy treatment at a cancer treatment center can be a good option for a person with cancer. Breast cancer treatment may involve a mastectomy or radiation therapy to kill the cancer cells, and a certified doctor will advise their patient on which route to take based on the size and placement of the cancer.

Clinical Trials and Cancer

Depending a patients particular type of cancer, a certified doctor may recommend clinical trials to battle the cancer. Clinical trials occur over a period of time and the person battling the cancer generally takes an experimental drug. Clinical trials serve the purpose of testing new drugs for various ailments, including cancer therapy. Also, many trials do not consist of a placebo group. Most trials being conducted give the same drug or treatment to a large group to confirm its effectiveness. In addition, most trials are federally regulated and consist of safe-guards to ensure safety of the participants.

What Is a Tumor Board And What Does It Do?

A tumor board is the term for a gathering of doctors, from a variety of medical specialties, coming together to discuss the treatments options for a patient. These doctors come from different professional backgrounds in order to give a broad array of opinions on a patient. Since no two patients are the same, the tumor board allows there to be more information gathered when it comes to cancer therapy of a particular patient.

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