UTI’s, Poison Oak And Headaches The Benefits Of The Affordable Urgent Care Clinic For Minor Issues


Sometimes you just don’t have the time to wait for a doctor to see you.

You’ve been in pain for days and can’t take anymore of the chronic nausea or stubborn headaches that have been impacting your workweek. Perhaps you have an illness that has you wondering if it’s going to get worse the longer it’s neglected. Whatever has you worried, an urgent care center can see you a lot sooner than a standard doctor. Convenient health care isn’t just setting up an appointment with a regular physician, but being able to meet with a healthcare professional at your nearest convenience so you don’t get worse. Make 2018 the year you decide to take a more varied approach to your standard medical treatments.

Here’s what an urgent care facility can do for you.

Fast Facts About Urgent Care

The urgent care model is designed to slot neatly between seeing your regular doctor and visiting the emergency room. Convenient health care should be more than just effective. It needs to be accessible, affordable and easy to find no matter where you happen to find yourself. It’s estimated three million people visit urgent care centers every week, thanks to data provided by the Urgent Care Association Of America. There are over 20,000 physicians practicing Urgent Care Medicine today, providing thousands of people with reliable, affordable care week in and week out.

Poison Ivy And Poison Oak

A painful condition that can have you rushing to the grocery store for over-the-counter medication is that of poison ivy and poison oak. As many as 80% of Americans are allergic to poison ivy, with this plant able to be found in every state except for Alaska and Hawaii. Symptoms you have been infected by poison ivy includes painful rashes, blisters and swelling. Burning poison ivy can cause difficulty breathing and require you visit the hospital. A multicare urgent care setting can diagnose you and provide you the medication necessary to relieve pain and keep your condition from spreading.

Urinary Tract Infections And Nausea

It’s important not just to know about your medical options, but common misconceptions regarding more frequent illnesses. Urinary tract infections aren’t just painful. They can actively cause damage to your kidneys and send you to the hospital if they’re neglected. It’s important to note that a urinary tract infection (or UTI) can’t be cured by drinking cranberry juice, though regular consumption of water and basic fruit juices can help flush out the urinary tract to reduce your risk. It’s estimated UTIs account for over eight million visits to doctors every year. Nausea follows close behind, able to be caused by stress, food poisoning and, yes, even UTIs.

Headaches And Migraines

A persistent headache can make it impossible to work, socialize or even sleep. Just like nausea, headaches and their source can be extremely difficult to pinpoint. One person’s root can be caused by chronic dehydration, while another could be suffering from the onset of migraines and not even realize it. The most common diagnosis brought to the average urgent care center is upper respiratory problems, followed close behind by complaints of nausea, headaches and migraines. Friendly medical care can provide you with pain relief and even direct you to a professional should your condition prove more serious.

Common Cold And The Flu

Even the common cold and the flu can become more complicated in certain instances. The elderly, those with compromised immune systems and very young children run a higher risk of complications with these common illnesses. Every year Americans will come down with a collective one billion colds. This same timespan will see anywhere between 5% and 20% of the population coming down with the flu. The recent years have seen higher rates of complications due to a lack of widespread vaccination and new strains of the flu rising in certain areas of the country. Your urgent care center can provide you with a yearly flu shot to keep you covered.

There’s no need to wait. Let an urgent care center see you immediately and provide you with the convenient, affordable healthcare you deserve.

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