3 Tips for Properly Inspecting Your Bicycle


There are certainly several major benefits of owning a bicycle. One reason many prefer to use these devices is to save money in terms of fuel costs. In fact, statistics show that bicycles are able to save over 238 million gallons of fuel annually. Riding a bicycle has also been shown to have immense health benefits. A study from 2017 found that biking to work burns as much fat as working out five days a week for 40 minutes each day. That being said, it’s impossible to enjoy these benefits without ensuring your bike is safe to ride. In this post, you’ll learn three important inspection tips to follow before riding your bicycle.

  1. Check Your Tires

    Before you begin riding, it’s imperative to check your tire pressure. Tires that are improperly inflated can make your bicycle dangerous to ride. While checking tire pressure, it’s wise to look for any signs of damage to these items. Signs of tire damage include scratches, tears, and other similar problems. It’s also important to know when your tires need to be pumped. Experts recommend pumping road bike tires weekly. On the other hand, hybrid and mountain bike tires should be pumped once every two weeks.
  2. Spin Your Wheels

    Another important test to perform before riding is to spin the wheels of your bicycle. This test is conducted in order to ensure your bicycle is properly aligned. If your wheel begins to wobble instead of spin, this means your bike is not in optimal shape. Certain wobbling bicycles might need to be taken to a custom wheel builder. It’s also wise to inspect your rims for any signs of damage. If any damage is present, consider getting new rims. Many dirt riders prefer having 24 BMX rims on their bikes. However, 24 BMX rims might not be great for those who use their bikes to commute.
  3. Bring Along Spare Parts

    Every cyclist should know the importance of being properly prepared. With that in mind, it’s wise to set aside space for the purpose of storing a few replacement parts. While you might never need to use these while riding, it’s a great idea to have these parts handy. For instance, a spare track chain is great to have in the event that this item breaks while you’re riding. It’s also wise to ensure you have a few important tools along for the ride. Having a track crankset will help ensure you’re ready to perform emergency bicycle repair work.

In closing, it’s important to properly inspect your bicycle before taking it for a ride. You’ll find that following a few simple steps can help save you from the danger of riding an unsafe bicycle. Many cyclists prefer to have plenty of spare parts on hand. In order to do this, consider visiting a local bike shop in your area. This allows you to find everything you’ll need, from Thomson stems to 24 BMX rims.

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