Where to Go When it Happens to You


You never thought it could happen to you, but now it has: you wake up and something doesn’t feel right…down there. It could be an itching or a burning sensation that won’t quit; it could be angry red bumps or a strange smell. In any case, you haven’t felt anything like this before and you don’t know what to do. Your first thought might be to go to the ER — but this might not help.

STD testing procedures are a necessary part of sex — whether it be a casual hookup or a long-term relationship, it’s important to take your sexual health into your own hands. When you want fast STD testing if symptoms are apparent, it might take a long time in the ER — in fact, the average wait-time in the ER has increased to nearly an hour from 2003 to 2009.

So, where do you go when you need fast STD testing? You can choose to use an at home STD testing kit, but a more reliable option is a family care physician. They can get you confidential STD testing and offer insurance for family care. Additionally, your own doctor has extensive knowledge of your medical history and can diagnose you with precision compared to the hustle and bustle of an ER.

The first thing you do when you’re feeling off is search your symptoms online — while you might spiral into a hypochondrial episode, it’s important to read those primary care physician reviews; these online posts can help, especially when someone is moving to a new area where they don’t have a family care provider. With the lack of healthcare professionals to treat our healthcare needs, it’s becoming increasingly necessary to recognize quality doctors and refer them to friends. Post about your experiences! In your time of need, it’s important to go to someone you trust to perform an accurate STD testing procedure. Many people think they need to rely on a specialist for their new health issue, but a family health clinic can offer essential tools and diagnostics before referring you to a specialist.

While a trip to the ER might cost over a thousand dollars, the low cost health clinic around the corner may offer anonymous STD testing. These urgent care facilities are walk in health clinics, so you don’t even need to make an appointment for your STD testing procedure. When you arrive, the wait time is much shorter than the average trip to the ER and you can get same day STD testing. Look for community health clinics in your area before visiting a specialist and forking over your hard-earned cash.

So, what can you expect when you arrive? Have your insurance information ready — if you don’t have insurance, many free health clinics offer STD testing procedures. Look online and read those referrals online to see which one is right for you. Then, the STD testing procedure will begin with an explanation of your symptoms — that includes all the gross stuff: the smells, the sensations, the bumps. Then, both genders are likely to undergo a physical exam to start the STD testing procedure, including a blood and/or urine test: for women, this may include the insertion of a speculum into the vagina to gain a sample of discharge for further testing. If you’re uncomfortable, speak up! There are health care clinics for women specifically and a good doctor will work with the patient to make them feel comfortable.

The healthcare world is hard to navigate, and even harder to navigate when an urgent issue rears its head. STD testing is awkward and uncomfortable, but a good family care provider or walk in clinic will take the time to walk you through the STD testing procedure and guarantee your safety.

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