The Prevalence Of Bunions In The United States



There are many people in the United States suffering from a variety of foot related issues, as well as people likely to search “bunion surgeon near me.” For those wondering about a “bunion surgeon near me” it is important that they know that they are not alone, that foot problems are all too common in the United States and, likely, around the world. In fact, three fourths of all Americans will deal with at least one foot problem at some point in their life, and around 20% of all people in the United States has at least one chronic foot problem at any given time.

Foot problems can originate from a number of sources but one of the main causes is, simply, that we use our feet every day of our lives. In fact, the average adult will take up to 6,000 steps in one single day and the average person in the Untied States will travel at a cumulative 75,000 miles – on foot – by the time that they reach middle age (around age fifty). Many foot problems and ankle pain are also caused by inappropriate footwear. Nearly 90% of women in the United States regularly wear shoes that are too small, which has been tied to the formation of bunions (these women are likely to be those searching “bunion surgeon near me”).

Bunions in particular are a common ailment in the United States, with as many as one third of the United States population suffering from bunions to some degree of severity at some point in their lives. Bunions can be increasingly painful, but they are not life threatening. However, the appearance of bunions can often deform the overall shape of the foot, particularly the toes, and make it difficult to wear certain types of shoes, particularly for women who regularly wear heels in professional settings. Though the foot pain from bunions is the primary reason that people search things like “bunion surgeon near me” and seek out treatment for their bunions, it is not uncommon for people to be self conscious about the appearance of their feet after they have developed bunions. A qualified podiatrist will be able to assess the progression of your bunions and determine if bunion surgery is the right course of treatment for you. Bunion surgery, though it does have a recovery time, can improve the quality of life for many people by not only relieving pain, but restoring their confidence in the appearance of their feet as well as reducing their limitations (for instance, with the shoes that they are able to wear).

Bunions and other foot problems are certainly not uncommon, in the United States and around the world. There are a number of causes for chronic foot problems like bunions, and they range from genetics to simple overuse or too tight shoes. Fortunately, however, the majority of chronic foot problems are able to be treated under the supervision of a qualified podiatrist or foot surgeon, and hope is possible.

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