3 Ways to Add Spring into Your Skin Care Routine


Finally! It’s almost time to rip off all those layers and put on the spring dresses, sandals, and bright pink lipstick! There are so many changes that come with the transition from winter to spring, and it doesn’t just stop at fashion.

During winter, your skin was probably so used to having moisturizer and other anti-drying products cakes on to it to make sure that your skin stayed fresh and vibrant. But now, since we’re heading into spring, you don’t need to worry about the thick and heavy moisturizers. That’s just one of the things you have to change in your skin routine. There are a few other things that you can do to add some spring to your skin care.

Glycolic Acid

First, it’s important to find a good cleanser. A cleanser will not only remove all of the makeup that you had on throughout the day or that was left over from the night before, but it will also remove any dead skin and unclog your pores. A good cleanser is one that has glycolic acid in it. The glycolic acid will remove any dead skin cells and create new cells to refresh and rejuvenate your skin. The springtime is all about fresh and bright looking skin, so you want to do whatever you can do to make sure that it stays and looks healthy.

Sun Protection

Next, it’s extremely crucial that you make sure you wear an SPF. An SPF will protect your skin from any potential sun damage. You might think that even on a cloudy day you don’t need to worry about wearing an SPF. However, it’s super important that you do no matter what it looks like outside. The sun actually peeks through the clouds, so even if you think it’s not bright outside, your skin can be affected. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, more than 90% of the visible changes typically attributed to skin aging are caused by the sun. If you don’t want to apply an SPF to your skin, look for a foundation or BB cream that has SPF in it.

Light Moisturizer

Finally, since you’re kicking the heavy moisturizer to the curb, it’s important to make sure that you do replace it with something lighter that is still hydrating. Even though you don’t have to worry about over-hydrating your skin during the spring, it’s still a good idea to apply a moisturizer to keep your skin in good condition. Look for a moisturizer that is either gel or water based that can help revamp your dull skin.

Taking the steps listed above are easy ways to transform your skin care routine from winter to spring. If you want to take a few extra steps to really enhance your skin this season, take a trip to your local spa. Sign up for some skin care spa services like microdermabrasion to get your face ready for the months ahead.

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