4 Medical Conditions For Urgent Care Centers


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If your primary care physician’s office is closed and you need immediate medical attention, but are not facing a life or death situation, consider visiting a walk in clinic. Trained medical professionals and doctors are there to take care of your ailments when going to a hospital is too costly, and your doctor’s office is closed. Most urgent care centers are open every day, so you won’t have to wait for treatment. Here are some of the problems that medical care clinics regularly treat for.

  1. Poison Ivy
    Roughly 85% of Americans have a poison ivy allergy. If you live in an area that has poison ivy and you enjoy spending time outdoors, it is good to know that urgent care is capable of providing topical treatment options.
  2. Flu
    An average of 5-20% of Americans catch the flu each year. To prevent contracting the influenza virus, get vaccinated. Getting flu shots done at a walk in clinic can be much easier and less time consuming than doing it at a hospital. You will also have more options to fit this important vaccination into your schedule than if you were to see your doctor.
  3. Lacerations
    Small cuts and scrapes can be treated at home, and life-threatening lacerations require a hospital. If you have a bad cut that you can’t fix by yourself, but it isn’t bad enough to warrant emergency care, a walk in clinic is perfect for you.
  4. Broken Bones
    If you break a bone your first instinct might tell you to go to the hospital. While they can help you, it will be expensive and you will most likely need to wait for a long time. An emergency room takes patients on a needs basis. You won’t die with a broken leg, so anyone who comes in before or after you with a life-threatening condition will take preference over you. In a walk in clinic, you will be treated much quicker and pay much less money.

Urgent care has the potential to save you time and money on a great deal of non-life-threatening ailments. If you seek immediate medical care, but the hospital is too expensive, urgent care might be your best option.

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