Does a Walk-In Clinic Save You Time?


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Depending on the year, on average somewhere between 5 to 20% of adults will contract the flu virus. Doctors routinely remind patients to get an annual flu shot to mitigate one’s risk of coming down with the virus, however it can be difficult for many working professionals to find the time. When it comes to health if you don’t take the time to keep your body healthy, your body will take the time it needs later in the form of illness. If you find that the doctor’s office is simply too much of an inconvenience, try a walk-in medical care clinic or urgent care center instead.

Don’t Risk Your Health: It’s Better to Be Safe Than Sorry.

Very few people enjoy going to the doctor. That’s not to say that scores of people are afraid of doctors, but that there are many factors that are undesirable. These factors coupled with a general apathy towards self-care, topped with the pressure to work or “hustle” around the clock can make many people put off a trip to the physician, no matter how needed.

Why the Typical Doctor’s Office Hours Are Unsuitable.

For one, doctors have set hours, typically between 8am and 5pm. Those are of course also the hours of a typical workday for the average adult. For those jobs that do not offer paid sick leave, the prospect of skipping a whole day of income just to check on a slight fever or persistent cough is not very tempting. There is a very good chance that putting off a check-up will result in a prolonged illness. If you would prefer to stop an infection or virus when it’s just taking hold, the only thing to do is get treatment. When you just cannot find the time to go to your doctor, try the urgent care center instead.

Why a Walk-In Medical Care Clinic Is Popular Amongst Working Professionals.

The answer to the problem of a looming illness and no time to take off from work is to just go to the nearest walk-in medical care clinic to get it checked out. Nearly 85% of urgent care locations are open seven days a week, and many of them have extended hours varying between a 7am opening to 9pm closing. The wait times will still vary, however most patients report being in and out of the clinic within an hour. A quick turn around time is very helpful if you are heading into the clinic before work.

Being ill is no one’s favorite past time, but coming down with a bad cold in the middle of a work week is especially terrible. When your doctor’s office doesn’t have an open time slot, or you just don’t have the time yourself, try the nearest walk-in medical care clinic instead. It’s always reassuring to know what’s ailing you, and you’ll be back on your feet that much faster.

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