Why You Should Know About Your Local Urgent Care Clinic


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Staying healthy is obviously a main priority in life. For those who manage to successfully navigate the current health care and insurance scene, maintaining good health is typically not going to be an issue. But whether you have health insurance and a primary physician or not, there are going to be road blocks along the way at some point. Even those with the doctor’s number on speed dial and appointments for regular checkups and screenings are susceptible to the unexpected twists and turns that is the nature of this life. To be as prepared as possible for any health surprises or issues, it is a good idea to know of more than one doctor’s office in your area, as well as to become familiar with the nearest emergency rooms and urgent care clinics. You never know when you might need to rely on that information in the heat of the moment.

Where to go for medical attention

When it came to the need for immediate medical attention, there was never much of an option. It was always a trip to the emergency room for that broken leg, severe burn or illness, or mysterious condition or allergy that you didn’t know how to treat. But these days, emergency rooms are not the only options. Emergency medical clinics have popped up in more than one form, from after hours urgent care clinics to specialized walk in clinics. And the range of ailments that can be treated at these facilities is quite vast. In fact four of every five centers even treat broken bones. With about 20,000 doctors working at urgent care facilities, and 85% of these facilities being open every day of the week, they are sometimes the better option when you need to get in to see a doctor quickly. The Urgent Care Association of America has estimated that around 3 million people visit these centers every week.

Living life to the fullest

Being prepared for the worst does not mean that you need to live in fear of the worst happening. Yes, there are dangers everywhere in this weird, wild world we live in. There are car accidents, and malicious or violent attacks, and ice to slip on or stairs to fall down. But these things have always been there, and will continue to be there. We learn to adapt, be aware, and do our very best to avoid the things that could cause us harm. Arming yourself with the knowledge of what urgent care clinic is closest to your child’s school, or where to go for medical help if your regular doctor’s office is not open when that severe cold hits or someone breaks a bone is all part of preparation. Allowing yourself to wallow in the fears of those possibilities coming to fruition is not. In fact it will effectively rob you of the capacity to fully enjoy life. Be prepared, but leave the fear and worry behind.

Your health and the health of your family should continue to be top priority. With a variety of health centers offering more care, with more flexible hours, you can rest assured that you will all be taken care of.

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