How Sleep Apnea Affects You and Why You Should Get Professionally Diagnosed


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Do you have trouble sleeping soundly at night? There?s no reason to continue through sleepless nights without looking for ways to treat your lack of sleep. We need plenty of sleep to lead fulfilling lives. If you aren?t getting the sleep you need to make it through your day, complete your daily tasks, and interact with those around you like normal, it?s time to do something about it. You can?t simply resolve yourself to struggling through each and every day because you aren?t getting the sleep you need. Instead, you need to visit a medical professional to consider your options.

Interested in learning more about the potential reasons why you aren?t getting a good night?s sleep? Keep reading to find out how a doctor could provide you a treatment plan if you are diagnosed with sleep apnea from a used CPAP machine, a nasal mask, to nasal pillows.

Information About Sleep Apnea and Its Effects

Sleep apnea is a very common disease that people suffer from in the United States. It disrupts a good night?s sleep if you are diagnosed with it. As many as 18 million Americans are affected by sleep apnea every single day.

When you have sleep apnea, it can become difficult to sleep as you are constantly awoken by your apnea. This makes it tricky to get a good night?s sleep because you cannot predict whether or not your sleep apnea will act up. You also can?t take very many steps to ensure that it won?t occur in the middle of the night.

By visiting a doctor to get a professional opinion, you can learn more about sleep apnea and potentially come up with a treatment plan, though. It is likely that a doctor will recommend that you try a few different options out to see what works best for you. A CPAP machine will be one of the first things your doctor is likely to recommend. If you don?t want to commit to a new CPAP machine until you know that it works, trying finding a used CPAP machine to test out.

A doctor may also suggest a few other treatment plans. These things may help you get through the night. They aren?t meant to be cure-alls for your sleep apnea, though. Even with the best CPAP machine, you may still need to use other things like a CPAP full face mask, or a nasal pillow. These may provide even more support in helping you get a good night?s sleep despite your sleep apnea.

Why It Is Essential to Get Diagnosed by a Professional

If you think you potentially have sleep apnea, visit your doctor immediately. Even if you have self-diagnosed yourself and purchased a used cpap machine already, you need to make sure that your diagnosis is correct. If you are avoiding finding out if you truly have sleep apnea, this can cause you great harm in the long run.

You are three times more likely to suffer from heart disease if you let your sleep apnea go undiagnosed. In addition to this, you increase your risk of having a stroke by four times. Not only are you continually losing a good night?s sleep, you?re putting yourself at risk for different diseases that you could otherwise avoid by getting a certain diagnosis.

It?s not safe to suffer from obstructive sleep apnea and choose to go undiagnosed and without treatment options. You can have as many as 60 obstructions in any given night while you are sleeping putting you at a greater risk for problems. After visiting a doctor, they can provide you all the information you need and the potential treatment plans if you do in fact have sleep apnea. Don?t wait until it?s too late to find out the truth about your lack of sleep during the night.

Have you ever suffered from a lack of sleep due to obstructive breathing? Have you ever used a used CPAP machine or any other potential treatment option to help you get a better night?s sleep? Let us know in the comments about your experience with sleep apnea.

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