Over 100 Million Americans Suffer From Chronic Pain When You Should See A Chiropractor


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Sometimes all you can do is think about pain relief. You want to focus on your work or studies, but the unbearable frustration of chronic pain is ever itching at the back of your mind. You want to spend time with your children, but ankle pain and neck stiffness is keeping you from enjoying your weekend to the fullest. When you’re truly fed up with back pain and ankle pain, you need to seek out physical therapy services. A professional can diagnose the source of your chronic struggle, offer you a flexible schedule and start reducing your symptoms within a matter of weeks.

The Spread Of Chronic Pain

The vast majority of people deal with some form of chronic pain. It’s estimated nearly two billion people around the world suffer from ongoing issues. A recent study provided by the Annals Of Rhuematic Diseases also sees 10% of people worldwide afflicted with lower back pain, making it the most common source of chronic pain after neck issues and spine issues. How can sciatic nerve pain therapy help? Let’s keep looking.

Neck And Shoulder Pain

Everyone feels a little stiff and sore sometimes. If this persists for too long or feels too severe, it’s possible you have a hidden chronic issue. Neck and shoulder pain is often caused by poor posture over a long period of time, though it can also be caused by the aftermath of a car accident or sports injury. Neck pain that lasts longer than three months is widely considered by many to be a chronic issue, so seeking out physical therapy is something that should be high on your to-do list.

Upper And Lower Back Pain

Perhaps you don’t have neck and shoulder pain, but rather, upper and lower back pain. Chronic back pain is defined similarly to neck pain, in that it shouldn’t go on for 12 weeks or more unchecked. According to studies provided by the National Institute Of Neurological Disorders And Stroke, over 80% of American adults will experience lower back pain at some point in their lives.

Ankle Pain

Last, but not least, there’s ankle pain to contend with. This is a common issue affecting those who are very active or who involve themselves in sports, with twisted and sprained ankles constituting a high amount of minor to moderate injury. This pain can easily become chronic if it’s not treated properly, leading many to seek out over-the-counter pain medication and heat methods in an attempt to self-medicate.

Seeking Out A Physical Therapy Service

Chronic pain shouldn’t keep impacting your life, especially when it’s able to be reduced in a short amount of time through the aid of an experienced physical therapist. According to the Institute Of Medicine Of The National Academies, over 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain. A physical therapy session can pinpoint the source of your pain and offer everything from massages to exercises to reduce your symptoms. Over time your muscles will become relaxed and limber, allowing you the mobility you previously thought lost. In some cases, surgery may be required.

Don’t go on any longer wondering if a solution is just around the corner. Reduce your chronic pain with the help of a chiropractor this year.

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