How a Simple Couples Getaway Could Change Everything


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In today’s extremely busy and often complicated world, it might come as a surprise to many couples how much good something as simple as a couples getaway can do for their relationship. People travel all over the world for business and many of them never know how a trip away with their partner can literally transform their relationship into something they thought had long since passed away if it was even there in the first place.

To begin with, four out of every ten travelers feel more romantic when they are away on a trip. For those who think that something oddly named a “staycation” will strike that same kind of spark that a trip to the Bahamas or some other location will do, the truth might be found to be something entirely different.

A couples trip over the course of even something short like a weekend vacation can really build up the romance, even if it hasn’t been dormant. A spa trip where you and your partner take part together in a couples massage or something similar brings you together in ways that going on your own cannot do.

It is in the sharing of the experience that you bond with your partner. A couples getaway is designed to help the two of you reconnect in ways that you would not otherwise be able to do. Your trip is designed and planned with the two of you in mind. As a couple, you seek out new life and new civilizations. The entire world becomes an exploration that you are on together as a couple.

In 2015, the spa industry as a whole had a revenue of $16.3 billion. Much of this money was spent by couples who wanted more than just a spa weekend, they wanted a spa weekend with their partner.

You might think that these kinds of quick couples getaway ideas are only for older couples who have been married for a long time. Actually, this is not the case at all. According to AARP, nearly one-quarter of millennials planned a romantic getaway in 2016.

This is great news because more and younger couples are being convinced that they need to tend their relationships in the same way they would tend a garden. They need to pay attention to their relationships, feeding them with the kind of fertilizer and water that is time together. There is no substitute for time spent with your partner.

Just think of all of the possibilities that you could make into realities when you consider all you might do on your next couples getaway. There are so many different ways you could explore something new with your partner.

A winter getaway to the mountains where you could alternate between skiing and warming up inside by the fire. A beautiful dinner in the lodge restaurant and maybe some shopping in the local town.

Or maybe you would be more interested in seeing a baseball game in one of the 30 Major League Baseball parks around the country. Follow your team to Chicago and watch them play a game at the fabled Wrigley Field. Spend the four hours there and the rest of the weekend exploring all of the great sites to be seen in Chicago.

If you live a plane ride away from New York City, you could plan your trip online to see a Broadway show and spend the rest of the weekend exploring one of the greatest cities on the planet. The choices you have for a couples getaway are only limited by your imagination.

Wherever you go, it is important that you and your partner plan your couples getaway with one thing in mind. That one thing is to enjoy yourselves. Don’t pack your trip so full of activities that you forget to relax and enjoy yourself. After all, the idea is that you will enjoy each other’s company.

You can’t go wrong if you are together.

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