Why it Pays to Know When to Go to a Family Urgent Care Center


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Everyone knows that mistakes can be costly, but did you know that medical mistakes can be particularly costly? This is especially true when it comes to deciding when and where to seek the appropriate medical are. Making the mistake of going to an emergency room for a medical condition that could have easily been treated at a family urgent care facility can cost you far more money than necessary. Similarly, making the mistake of going to an family urgent care clinic for a medical condition that actually requires emergency services can be costly in a very different, no less impactful way.

When to go where and why

Deciding where to go and when for medical treatment ensures you and your family receive the appropriate medical attention. This also streamlines the workflow of medical facilities such as hospital emergency rooms and urgent care clinics. Seeking medical treatment at the appropriate facility is a win-win situation in all regards.

Family urgent care

Although family urgent care facilities are now integral to the American healthcare system, and healthcare systems around the world for that matter, they were once frown down upon. Fast forward to today, and family urgent care centers are equipped to treat a variety of medical conditions, from itchy eyes to lacerations that require stitches and other serious wounds. In many if not most cases, urgent care centers also have x-ray capability, allowing staff to diagnose and treat broken bones. You should to go an urgent care center for a medical condition that requires immediate medical condition but otherwise would not be considered a medical emergency.

Family doctor

Unlike urgent care facilities whose staff is focused on treating the immediate medical need at hand, family doctors are more likely to focus on your long term care, health, and well being. Although family physicians are more than capable of treating the same immediate medical conditions that are treated at urgent care centers, family physicians also focus on prescription refills, medical testing, and referrals to other specialists. Family doctors notice patterns in your medical history and can take the appropriate measures.

Emergency medical care

Emergency room visits are best left for true medical emergencies, such as shortness of breath, numbness, severe pain, severe blood loss, and other conditions that are a matter of life and death.
Don’t make the mistake of going to an urgent care center for a medical condition that is better treated at a hospital!

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