The Best Spa Procedures For Men to Enjoy


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Beauty salons and spas tend to be most commonly utilized by women. Women tend to take advantage of spa services more frequently, including massages, facials, nail treatments, and laser hair removal. Women also utilize medically cosmetic procedures more often than men. A few of these procedures include spider vein removal, Botox injections, and chemical peels. Although women tend to dominate the spa industry, men can receive the same relaxing and cosmetic benefits from the spa. In fact, there are a few specific procedures that are great for men.

Medical hair removal
Medical hair removal is primarily used on women, as women spend more time shaving and waxing unwanted hair. However, many men spend a good portion of their morning routine shaving for the day. Some men may even notice extensive hair growth by evening. Medical hair removal may be an option for some men to reduce the amount of time that is spent on shaving. Additionally, some athletes prefer smoother, hairless body parts, such as the legs and arms.

Facial care
Men are subject to the same facial problems that women are. They can get adult acne or have a sudden increase of fine lines and wrinkles. Facials can stimulate the natural oils in the face and can prevent adult acne. Acne medical treatment can also control acne problems that over the counter face washes do not. Medical skin conditions such as Rosacea also affect both men and women. It is now estimated by the National Rosacea Society (NRS) that 16 million Americans suffer from the signs and symptoms of rosacea, and millions more may be in temporary remission.

Facials for men can also counteract many years of razor use, which can be rough on the face. Facials also introduce men to anti aging creams, as most products on the market are geared towards women. Anti aging cream for men can be effective in both adult acne treatment and in preventing premature aging of the skin.

Spider vein removal
Both men and women are prone to spider veins. Women tend to see more spider veins as a result of sitting crossed legged. However, men can also have spider veins from lack of nutrients, medical conditions, or restrictive standing and sitting patterns. Spider vein removal involves the use of a non invasive electronic device. After a few visits with this device, participants are likely to see less indication of spider veins.

Botox works by tightening the face?s skin, which also makes it appear younger. Botox is also beneficial in the treatment of a variety of medical conditions, making it one of the most popular cosmetic procedures worldwide. Among the 14.2 million cosmetic minimally invasive procedures performed in 2015, the most common was Botulinum Toxin Type A (6.7 million procedures, up 1% from 2014 to 759% since 2000).

Part of the cause for the increase is the safer Botox procedures and the fact that both women and men opt for the cosmetic procedure. Botox for fine lines is one of the biggest benefits of Botox injections, but other people also use it for migraine treatments, excessive body sweat disorders, and to control hormones around menopause time.

Laser tattoo removal
Men are more likely than women to get a tattoo removal. Many tattoos that are removed were tattoos that were completed many years ago. The patient is usually either embarrassed or no longer cares for a tattoo. The process takes many sessions and can be uncomfortable, but it is one of the most common cosmetic procedures among men today.

People care about their looks. By 2021, the global skin care market is expected to be valued at about 154 billion U.S. dollars. In addition to skin care, people care about their faces, tattoos, and fine lines. Procedures like spider vein removal are safer and less invasive than ever. Yet, women still dominate the spa and cosmetic fields. Men can achieve many of the same benefits that women do at the spa. They can reduce adult acne, reduce the symptoms of medical conditions with Botox, and make the facial skin appear younger.

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