Reduce Your Risk of Stroke and Heart Disease–Use Your CPAP Machine as Prescribed


Sleep apnea

Did you recently take a home sleep test for sleep apnea? If you’ve discovered that you do have sleep apnea as a result of taking this home sleep test, it’s important that you consult with your physician for their sleep related medical equipment recommendations.

Your physician will likely recommend a CPAP machine, and it’s important that you use it regularly and as prescribed. Studies have shown that up to 80% of individuals suffering with sleep apnea haven’t been using their CPAP machines enough. As a result, they are at a greater risk for several serious medical conditions.

If left untreated, sleep apnea can potentially lead to stroke as well as heart disease. It’s been found that there is four-times the risk for stroke and three-times the risk for heart disease when medical intervention has not been sought for this serious medical condition.

When you take a home sleep test for sleep apnea, and the results show that you do have sleep apnea, you may be able to purchase a gently used CPAP machine rather than a new one. If you tend to be away from home on business or for vacation, you may also be interested in travel CPAP machines.

If you aren’t familiar with CPAP machines, you have a choice between using nasal pillows or nasal masks. Studies show that 50% of CPAP users prefer nasal pillows and 45% prefer nasal masks. The remaining 5% did not express a preference for either.

When you purchase your CPAP machine or CPAP replacement parts, be sure to inquire about the proper procedures for cleaning a CPAP machine.

There are approximately 18 million people in the United States that suffer from sleep apnea, and two-to-four percent have undiagnosed cases. Once diagnosed, however, a physician can explain sleep apnea causes and provide other important information to assist you with avoiding further risks to your health.

If you have any questions about CPAP machine effectiveness, your physician can explain this to you along with other important information about taking care of your health. Remember to use your CPAP machine as prescribed by your physician so that you are able to prevent future health risks and receive a good night’s sleep.


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