Do You Have a Primary Care Doctor? Here Are 5 Reasons You Should


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For many Americans, the idea of having a primary care doctor seems like a waste of time. They feel they are healthy and do not need to go in for annual check ups. That is too bad because having a primary care doctor is one of the best ways to keep you healthy.They can provide testing for a number of conditions and just monitor your health. Whether you need a place to go for fast STD testing or you have questions about a suspicious mole, your family care physicians can help.

Five Reasons to See a Primary Care Doctor:

  1. They get to know you and you get to know them. Having a good relationship with a primary care doctor can be extremely beneficial. They will get to know you and your health issues. When you see them when you are not having a medical problem, they will get to know your baseline vital signs. If your blood pressure is normally 110/60 and suddenly it is 130/90, that may not be a terrible reading but it could be strange for you. Your primary care doctor will know this. Moreover, when you develop a good relationship with your doctor, you will have an easier time being totally honest with them about why you need that fast STD testing. The ability to be totally honest with a doctor will make your health care more comprehensive.
  2. They can get you to the right specialist when you need one. People often need to see a specialist for a variety of problems. Your primary care doctor can be the quarterback of your team. They can make sure you get to the right specialist, many insurance policies require a referral from a primary care doctor for most specialists. If you need to see a cardiologist or other specialist, they will make sure none of the medications you take interact in a bad way. If your fast STD testing resulted in you needing one medication, and then you get a prescription from the cardiologist, your primary care doctor can tell you if they are ok to take together. This way your care is streamlined and improved.
  3. If you have a chronic condition, they can help you manage it. If you have diabetes or high blood pressure, your family care providers can help keep it in check. There are a lot of complications from chronic conditions and you need to watch for them. There may also be lifestyle changes you can make to become healthier and your primary care doctor can help you with those. As you probably have heard, an ounce of prevention is always worth a pound of cure and this is very true when you are controlling chronic health conditions. Your main doctor can help you keep your chronic problem under control and keep you out of the hospital. They can also help you lose weight or quit smoking if you are interested in those things.
  4. Primary care doctors can perform simple procedures. If you have a small cut that needs stitches and you get this during your doctor’s normal office hours, you can get that stitched up in your primary care doctor’s office. They can do a wide variety of simple procedures. This will save you a trip to even a walk in clinic or emergency room. If you need a wort removed, that can also be done in your primary care doctor’s office.
  5. They can tell you when to go the emergency room. You may become sick or injured at night or on the weekend. You do have options beyond the emergency room. Urgent care facilities can treat a wide variety of illnesses and injuries. If you have a primary care doctor, you can touch base with them and see if they have advice or can offer guidance about the best place you should go for your health care needs. There are times when you do need an emergency room but sometimes a medical walk in clinic will be better.

From providing fast STD testing to just keeping your blood pressure in check, your primary care doctor can help you lead a healthier and better life.

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