4 Signs that You May Be Heading for a Substance Abuse Relapse


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If you have struggled with various types of substance abuse or alcohol abuse and have been through rehab, then you might fear relapse. Many people, upon leaving even the best rehab centers end up relapsing because they still do not recognize the symptoms of substance abuse. One of the main ways to avoid relapse is to be able to recognize the warning signs that that is the direction that you were headed. It is incredibly sad, but a fact nonetheless, that not every addict stays in recovery after leaving rehab. However, there are signs and symptoms that could show you that you are heading down the wrong road if you are just willing to see them. Part of this may mean that you need to cultivate a willingness to hear a loved one tell you that they see the signs. Here are some typical symptoms that occur before a relapse to substance abuse.

  1. You Stop the Process
    The number one mistake that a recovering addict makes is discontinuing the 12 step process. They will make excuses in order to avoid the meetings such as the praying offends them or they don’t think it’s good to focus on past substance abuse. You might even have good reasons but if you were going to stay in recovery you have to maintain a connection to the 12 step program. Usually you only have to attend one meeting a week. Keep going and order to keep fresh in your mind who you were and what you don’t want to go back to.

  2. Your Memory Changes
    They say hindsight is 20/20 but that’s not always the case. Often times we look back on our memories and only remember the good times. When you first became addicted, he probably didn’t have a lot of consequences for the substance abuse. It probably was even fun. However, by the time you recognized the need to get clean you had likely become so dependent on the drug or alcohol that you found yourself staring at possibly fatal consequences. So, if you start to notice that you were thinking about the good times of alcohol or drug use and begin convincing yourself that the consequences were worth it, this is a huge sign that you were heading for a relapse.

  3. Your Attitude Relapses
    Your mood may go back to how you used to act when you were using before you relapse. When attics are in recovery they are encouraged to change their attitudes and your outlook on life. They learn things about themselves and about the way that they react to certain situations, which is often overreacting and taking things very personally. If you find yourself starting to feel like this again, we may be heading in a bad direction. Internalizing things and feeling like the world is against you is not a genuine problem for most people, so you need to scrutinize why you feel upset at someone for looking at you or for getting a promotion before you determine that it is a stab at you personally.

  4. You Want ‘Just One’
    Another common mistake that addicts make this to think that having one drink or one pill isn’t going to hurt you. This is probably one of the most obvious signs. When you are in your right mind and recovery, you know that you can’t handle any kind of substance use. Preferably, you shouldn’t even be in an area where it’s available to you for a long time. It’s a proven fact that people who relapsed end up picking up right where they left off. You will be right back at the spot where you quit much more quickly than you got there last time.

If you are feeling any of the signs and you recognize that it’s happening then you’re already doing better. You just need to be honest about your attitude, mood and behaviors. The sooner you can catch old behaviors creeping back in, the better chance you will give yourself to avoid slipping back to your old ways. Keeping in touch with your sponsor and family members and those you love you is a great way to make sure that you are staying on the straight and narrow. Research more like this.

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