The Truth About Electromagnetic Fields


Emf protection jewelry

Perform a basic internet search about Electromagnetic Field, or EMF, shielding and the results you receive will be mixed. Sites advertising emf shielding fabric and emf blockers will appear on the same page as those claiming such products are a scam. This debate causes intense emotions in some, especially those who claim they have experienced negative effects on their health as a result of EMF. As the debate continues over whether EMFs are having harmful effects on people, most of the 6 billion plus users of cell phones, the gadget most often blamed for EMFs, are blissfully unaware of any contention or possible danger. Yet, in a 2012 study, researchers found signs of physiological stress in cells after only a year and a half of daily EMF exposure. So, what is the truth? Do all people need to immediately buy emf shielding fabric? Here is a synopsis of the 2 sides so you may decide for yourself.

  • Dangerous Fact: The theory behind the idea that there is a danger present is that the EMFs coming from electronic devices, and the Electromagnetic Radiation they cause, have a cumulative effect on people. Some individuals, they say, are especially sensitive to these effects and present with a range of symptoms as a result. There are certainly many scientists who at least support the idea that there is a potential danger. For example, May 2015 saw over 190 scientists from 40 countries demanding that the United Nations work toward better protection against non-iodizing radiation, of which EMF is one. The market for ways to block emf, such as emf shielding fabric, has risen as a result of these beliefs.
  • Profit Driven Fiction: Naysayers on this issue point to the array of products, maintaining that the entire question has been driven been driven by a dishonest pursuit of money. Human nature being what it is, its hard to blame them for the thought. The idea that EMFs lead to a medical condition, though, has not been confirmed by the medical community and the diagnosis of electromagnetic hypersensitivity are usually made by the individual. This is not to say that they are necessarily wrong, but there is a danger in self-diagnosis: if a person decides they have a certain disease and are incorrect, they could die of what they really have before seeking out appropriate treatment.

The truth of this matter likely lies where most truth does in an emotionally charged debate: somewhere in between. So, be aware of new scientific and medical research and use your best judgement, that is the best anyone can do. Continue your research here. Great references here.

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