Addiction and Adolescence, Going Through the Drug Rehab Process


Drug rehab centers

Adolescence is a turbulent time for most. For some, it can become about more than raging hormones and high school drama. People between 15 and 24 years of age are more prone to substance use disorders than any other age group. When loved ones are dealing with substance abuse, it’s important to educate yourself about the disease of addiction and what options you have moving forward.

An important step towards recovery is taking the taboo out of drug addiction. Almost 50,000 deaths are linked to substance abuse every year in Canada. Recovery becomes much harder when addicts and their loved ones are unwilling to discuss or truly understand addiction. By starting a proactive discussion surrounding their issues, you can help them start on the path to recovery.

An aspect of addiction that is often overlooked is the connection between mental illness and addiction. People struggling with a mental illness (diagnosed or not) are twice as likely as the general population to develop a substance abuse problem. If a loved one is struggling with substance abuse, there is a chance they may be dealing with mental illness as well, with around 70% of mental health issues appearing during childhood or adolescence.

Aside from educating yourself on the facts surrounding addiction, it’s important to focus on the path towards recovery. While that path may vary depending on the individual, residential drug treatment is a great option. When it comes to the drug rehab process, it’s important to get professionals involved. The evolution of rehabilitation is different for each individual, so allowing them the resources and attention that inpatient rehab provides will give them a head start.

When beginning the drug rehab process, knowledge is power. Knowing the difference between the types of rehab is important, as well as what kind of financial or time commitments you may have to make. Doing research on local drug abuse rehab centers is a good course of action. You can also call around to different centers and ask them any questions you may have about the drug rehab process. Professionals working in the rehab field know how difficult it is to even start down the pathway to recovery so they will be more than willing to help.

For young people struggling with addiction, these are key development years that may be significantly hindered by substance abuse. If you or a loved one are fighting addiction, find solace in the fact that there are people willing to help. Keep in mind that with a little hard work and support, sobriety is within reach for anyone struggling with addiction.

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