Use this Celebrity Workout for a Healthier Body and Mind


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If you are like millions of Americans you are probably dealing with stress on an everyday basis. Between our work, school, family, and personal lives the millions of little stresses that we deal with everyday can pile up to cause pain, fatigue and other maladies throughout our lives. While everybody has their own ways of de-stressing, many are finding that yoga not only helps them unwind, but also strengthens their bodies and minds. While you probably have heard of yoga, do you know what it can do for you?

Why Millions are Turning to Yoga

Its a good bet that at least one person you know attends yoga classes, you may have even received a yoga mat for a present. While it may be easy to write it off as some a celebrity fueled fad, yoga, while fairly new to the Western world, has been around for quite some time. Yoga is an ancient art that has it’s roots in India. By certain estimation it has been in existence for over 5,000 years. As of 2015 over 15 million Americans have taken up regular practice of yoga. Out of Americans surveyed, most claim that wellness is their number one reason for beginning yoga, followed closely by those who started in an attempt to achieve a state of peace and calm through meditation.

The Benefits of Yoga

Yoga has an appeal to beginners partly due to its relative ease of to begin. For the beginning practitioner there are several low impact poses that can be accomplished with relatively little practice. It is a preferred mode of exercise for those who may have joint problems. The intensity of workouts is greatly customizable to the individual’s preference. For the adventurous and serious practitioner there are more advanced poses that can take several years to perform properly. The advanced tiers add to the appeal of practicing over time. Several studies are finding health benefits for practitioners, such as

  • Increased core strength
  • Greater limb flexibility
  • Increased bone strength
  • Lower levels of stress
  • Lower blood pressure

With all the advantages of yoga it is easy to see why it is so ubiquitous. If you are interested in beginning, research classes in your local area. As always, before starting a new exercise regimen make sure to check with your physician to ensure that you are healthy enough to exercise.

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