What to Do When Someone Has a Concussion


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Sometimes, a blow to the head can leave you more than just a little bump. When an injury to the head causes damage to the brain, it’s known as a concussion. Depending on the damage, a concussion can range from mild to severe brain trauma. Read on to learn more about concussions and how they can affect day-to-day life.

So what exactly is a concussion? While there is no universal definition of what a concussion is, it’s most commonly described as an injury to the head that disrupts your brains function. Concussions can be caused by a fall, car crash, contact sports, or any other incident where the head is violently shaken. This causes the brain to move around, which can damage the brain cells and create chemical changes in the brain.

There are many symptoms that can affect someone who has a concussion. These include dizziness, headache, blurred vision, or trouble with thinking or speaking. However, there are more symptoms that may indicate the need for immediate medical care. These include loss of consciousness, amnesia, severe headache or vomiting, or even seizure.

When a patient has these severe symptoms, it’s best to bring someone with a to a medical professional for immediate care. If you are unable to see your doctor, visit the emergency room, or one of the local urgent care clinics. Urgent care facilities are a type of medical center that offers immediate care, and costs a fraction of the traditional emergency room costs. Many urgent care clinics offer walk-in appointments, and most patients are seen within the hour.

Even after your symptoms are gone, your brain continues to heal. Therefore, the best treatment for a concussion is rest, as it gives your brain time to recover from your injury. Keep in mind that rest also means time away from mentally stimulating activities, such as reading, watching TV or surfing the Internet.

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