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For some it is a life-long struggle. For some it is a passion. But for most, personal health and fitness is an issue that has to be addressed at some point, whatever the reason that calls attention to it. Overall, conscious nutrition choices, persistent fitness and workout routines lend themselves to a healthy, well-rounded lifestyle. One study showed that over 80% of adults are incapable of meeting the minimum suggested guidelines for general aerobic and strength-based exercises. So how do we turn this around? Finding the best workout for your skill level, age, body type and daily schedule make the difference in being able to continue a routine free of injury, fatigue or boredom.

What goes into determining what is the best workout?

  • Type of workout

    What are you looking to accomplish? Do you need to focus on working up a sweat with some cardio, or develop a better core and muscle definition with weight and strength training? Personal trainers are an excellent help, but you could also ask a fellow gym-goer for some tips. Then you’re meeting people and getting healthy at the same time! One popular approach is one that combines both cardio and strength training by keeping you moving nonstop from machine to machine in a limited amount of time.
  • Intensity level and further focus
    The type of weight lifting you do will depend on what you want out of it. As a beginner, regardless of your goal, it is a good idea to start slowly, eventually building up to heavier weights in order to lessen the risk of injury, but from there you’ll have to decide if you want more tone or if you’re looking to bulk up. Toning is usually accomplished with lighter weights while bulking up muscles requires heavier sets.
  • Location
    The where of the best workout could prove to be just as important as the what. For some, running on a trail instead of a treadmill helps discourage boredom. Some like the accessibility of large, recognizable chain gyms. But perhaps most welcoming are the smaller businesses, local gyms with encouraging and knowledgable staff who are there to help you find the best version of your physical self.

There are plenty of other things to consider when developing the workout that suits you best. Some people need the perfect playlist to keep their momentum going. Figure out if you work best on your own or if you get more accomplished when you have a companion to keep you accountable and on task. Keep nutrition and healthy eating as high priorities, as you need the proper fuel for each workout. And don’t worry about feeling overwhelmed or out of shape, especially as you’re beginning. Keep it simple and keep moving!
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