How Some Anti-Aging Skincare Products Can Actually Make You Look Older


Private label anti aging products

Walk down any cosmetic or skincare aisle in a department or drugstore and you’re likely to be overwhelmed by an array of anti-aging products all claiming to deliver proven results while boasting rare, exotic ingredients such as unicorn horn dust. Well, maybe not that rare but you get the point.

The truth is the majority of these products contain a common, seemingly benign ingredient that can actually make your skin look worse by accelerating aging. So before you slather on your favorite wrinkle cream, lotion, or potion, it definitely pays to read between the fine lines (yes, pun intended) and do your homework.

So what’s the secret ingredient that can wreak havoc on your skin? Methylparaben.

Parabens belong to a family of cheap antimicrobial preservatives that are used in the vast majority of skincare products, such as the anti-aging products found in department and drugstores. They already have a bad rep due to their hormone-mimicking properties which have been linked to cancer, and now they’re reputation just got a whole lot worse.

According to a recent study published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology, high or concentrated doses of methylparaben was found to leave skin drier, paler, more irritated and ironically even more wrinkled than before. While the experiment was conducted on laboratory mice, this fact does not discount the outcome. The skin of mice is so similar to that of humans that they’re frequently used in dermatology to assess how human skin will react to a product.

Dermatologists are strongly encouraging their patients to toss out their drugstore products in favor of products made from private label lotion manufacturers. High end private label cosmetics offer high quality cosmetic solutions for skin care using only the finest natural ingredients. Also, private label skin care products pack a powerful anti-aging punch with ingredients such as retinol while being free of harmful parabens and other chemicals.

While professional skin care products such as those made by private label lotion manufacturers may be more expensive than drugstore products, your internal health and external beauty is priceless and well worth the additional expense.

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