What is Causing Your Hair Loss?


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If you notice that you’re losing hair, your first impulse is probably to panic; after all, we are commonly taught that hair loss is the sign of a serious medical problem or an embarrassing, if minor, condition that will make you look unattractive. But don’t rush to the nearest hospital or start researching hair pieces just yet: hair loss is an extremely common condition that can be caused by a variety of factors and can often be solved by a trip to a local dermatologist clinic. While most people visit a dermatologist for acne treatment products and other skin care tips, the best dermatologist for hair loss will be able to promote a healthy scalp and encourage hair growth. However, it is helpful to know what may be causing your condition before you schedule an appointment. Could any of the causes below be the reason for your hair loss?

Poor Diet
Preventing hair loss is just one of many reasons to make sure that you’re eating a healthy diet: studies show that eating too much Vitamin A, for example, can cause hair loss. Similarly, not getting enough protein, Vitamin B, iron and other products can cause your hair to fall out or discourage growth. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to tell if this is the reason behind your condition, as this symptom typically takes up to three months to emerge. However, once you adjust your diet, your hair should begin to slowly adjust.

Have you recently experienced a traumatic event, such as a divorce or the loss of a loved one? Are you recovering from an accident or disease? This emotional or physical stress is likely causing your hair loss. Typically more common as a result of physical stress, your hair should begin to grow again once your body recovers or your stress level reduces. Try focusing on your health and take steps to relax, but if you feel self-conscious, seek out the best dermatologist for hair loss in your area for additional help.

Hormone Problems
This cause is more likely to affect women, as things like pregnancy, certain medication, or different medical problems can cause an imbalance of chemicals in the body. However, men who take steroids or have certain diseases and disorders, such as hypothyroidism, may notice hair loss for the same reason. In some cases, such as pregnancy or recreation steroid use, the cessation of the hormone imbalance will allow hair to regrow. In others, however, treating the underlying cause through diet, exercise, and medication can often solve this issue, although this will likely be an ongoing process.

There are a number of things that can cause hair loss. In most cases, however, the condition will likely result from a genetic predisposition, aging or other common causes. Whatever may be causing your hair loss, if you feel embarrassed or self-conscious about your condition, seeking out the best dermatologist for hair loss in your area may be helpful. Ger more information on this topic here.

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