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Within the last couple of years, urgent care centers have become the fastest growing type of healthcare providers in the United States. Now generating over $14 billion for the United States economy annually, urgent care facilities are well known for their ability to get customers in and out fast, while greatly reducing their healthcare costs. That being the case, is it any wonder that urgent care clinics now number more than 9,000?

As with any successful industry, many urgent care services have popped up across the country just for profit, paying very little attention to the quality of services they offer. How can you tell good urgent care centers from the bad? Start with these tips.

Three Pointers for Choosing a High Quality Urgent Care Center

  1. Look for a Location That Accepts Your Insurance
  2. While it’s true that the average urgent care center offers rates for popular procedures that are far more affordable than the average emergency room, that won’t be the case if they don’t accept your insurance. Plan ahead and call the urgent care facility you think you’ll use in an emergency before you actually need them. If they accept your insurance, that’s going to be an affordable option.

  3. Proximity to Your Home is Important
  4. As Sioux City Journal writes, one of the biggest things to consider when looking to choose an urgent care facility is proximity. Keep in mind, urgent care facilities are set up to deal with non-life threatening injuries that need immediate attention. You’ll want to choose a place that is close by so you can get treatment without having to suffer through an hour long car ride.

  5. Cleanliness and Expansive Facilities
  6. As the Global Education Network’s Health Blog highlights, you really need to know that the facility you’re considering puts an emphasis on both cleanliness and having the best facilities around. Cleanliness is a no-brainer in a healthcare environment. The cleaner the urgent care facility, the less likely you are to develop an infection or other secondary condition.

    Regarding the facilities, you’ll want to consider both the technology they have for healthcare and what services they offer to make your visit easier. For instance, if you’re a parent, finding an urgent care option with a daycare or playing area can take the weight of trying to find a sitter when you’re seeking care off of your shoulders.

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