• When to Visit a Walk In Urgent Care Center


    Sometimes accidents happen, we know. Sometimes you just get sick or someone in your family does. That?s when a walk in urgent care center can come in mighty handy. With colds and flu common this time of year, it?s important to know just where an urgent care clinic location is near you.

    According to the Urgent Care Association of America, about 3 million people visit urgent care clinics every week, and today, there are about 20,000 medical doctors who practice Urgent Care Medicine. Urgent care treatment has become a very big trend in medical care today.

    Before you do choose to go to a walk in urgent care center, you might ask, what symptoms does urgent care treat? Let?s take a look at that. In 2012, the most common treatment in an urgent care center was wound repair, and the most commonly diagnosed condition was upper respiratory condition. Most urgent care clinics also provide fracture care, in fact four out of five do. A walk in urgent care center can be very helpful at times like these.

    A sprained ankle is also a very common condition. About 25,000 Americans have this each day. Urgent care treatment at a walk in urgent care center can be very helpful at that time, too. And with approximately one billion Americans coming down with colds each year and 5 to 20 percent of them contracting the flu, urgent care treatment care bring much needed immediate relief.

    Because the need for a walk in urgent care center usually comes unexpectedly and sometimes suddenly, it is helpful to know that 85 percent of walk in clinics are open seven days a week. It is also important to know that, if urgent care treatment is necessary, multicare urgent care wait times can be long. It is, however, usually a very important and necessary wait in order to get the good medical care needed at the time.

    There are other more simple problems that can arise and are something to watch out for. An allergic reaction to poison ivy is very common to Americans. About 85 percent of them have this reaction. Whereas this may not necessitate a visit to a walk in urgent care center, it could. Also, urinary tract infections are very common, resulting in about 8 million visits to a medical doctor each year. The symptoms of the common cold, mentioned earlier, can last anywhere from 48 hours to 14 days, though most people recover in 10. If severe, a visit to a walk in urgent care center could be necessary.