• Finding a Family Therapist Who Can Help You Turn Things Around


    The world is very much different than it was when humans first walked the planet. There was the discovery of fire, the invention of the wheel, and the formation of the first communities. Fast forward a few millennia, and our world is what our ancestors scarcely could have dreamed. Even the dreamers of a few generations ago would be astonished to see how we live today. Science, technology, and medicine have eclipsed what many of the first scientists, inventors, and doctors envisioned. Those tiny communities from once upon a time have become massive cities and thriving societies. At least, in the eyes of corporations and those generally in power, societies are thriving. And in certain contexts, we are. But the unfortunate truth is that, in all of this progress, some of the most important pieces have been left behind and forgotten.

    These pieces are those which make up our humanity, how we interact and care for each other. Emotional development and mental health have taken a backseat to profit. One estimate shows that, because of the loss of productivity resulting from depression, the annual cost of that loss and the ensuing health care is $80 billion. And that is exactly what the problem is: the fact that we see this very serious, complex, and personal problem as a loss of money, rather than the tragic misplacement of human empathy and compassion.

    Therapy services for families, couples, and individuals

    There are many issues that society likes to sweep under the rug. Stress, anxiety, depression, and traumatic situations are all elements in the storm that creates an emotionally closed off adult. And these elements, combined with broken relationships within the family unit, will lead to more broken relationships in the future. With family counseling, the issues that often become the deepest problems later on in life can be dealt with. In group sessions, with the couple, or with individual counseling, the family therapist can help the family members identify and address the causes of pain, bitterness, resentment, anger, and other unhealthy and unproductive feelings that can be harbored to the point of being destructive.

    Why it is so crucial to find a family therapist

    It is never too late to start healing, learning, and growing. But the longer you wait to face an issue, the harder it becomes to dig down to the root of it, assessing everything that it has affected along the way. When you seek out the help of a good family therapist, you can start the process that will help to end the pain and difficulties that you encounter in your family and in your relationships in general. It will help give you a better frame of reference from which to operate in the future, should similar situations arise. And one study suggests that when you work with a licensed family therapist, you are also likely to spend 20% to 40% less money than you would spend if you went to see a psychiatrist or psychologist. It doesn’t take an expert to know how draining financial issues can be on other existing issues. Finding the right help, right away, will lead you toward a path that you will eventually be quite happy you decided to take.

    Emotional and mental issues are real, and they are serious. They should be dealt with in such a way that addresses the real problem at hand, and provides the tools to move forward to live a happy life full of healthy relationships.