• 4 Medical Conditions For Urgent Care Centers

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    If your primary care physician’s office is closed and you need immediate medical attention, but are not facing a life or death situation, consider visiting a walk in clinic. Trained medical professionals and doctors are there to take care of your ailments when going to a hospital is too costly, and your doctor’s office is closed. Most urgent care centers are open every day, so you won’t have to wait for treatment. Here are some of the problems that medical care clinics regularly treat for.

    1. Poison Ivy
      Roughly 85% of Americans have a poison ivy allergy. If you live in an area that has poison ivy and you enjoy spending time outdoors, it is good to know that urgent care Continue Reading
  • How to Have a Broken Bone Treated

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    Many people have been fortunate enough to never experience a broken bone. It’s understandable to wonder what the signs are and what to do when a bone breaks. Statistics show that nearly 6 million people in the United States break a bone each year. Here is helpful information about spotting a broken bone and where to go to seek medical care.

    Common Signs You’ve Broken a Bone

    You might not know that there are multiple types of breaks that can occur within the body. There are degrees of severity to which a bone can break. Less severe fractures won’t be as painful but may still swell. Severe fractures are likely to be more painful with pronounced swelling. In addition, severe breaks may cause the broken bone to protrude through the skin.

    Immediate Treatment Before Seeking Medical Care< Continue Reading