• Urgent Care and Emergency Care The Differences

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    In the United States, the average American knows very little about how the medical industry works. Surely there are people who are not doctors that understand when they are supposed to take prescribed medicine and what the medicine does to them but that does not mean they have any degree of awareness to how the actual medical industry works. There are plenty of examples to look to for evidence of this concept.

    For instance, the average person has probably never heard of the National Health Interview Survey, which is also referred to as the NHIS. The NHIS revealed in 2014 that just about 8.4% children suffered from hay fever, 5% had to deal with food-related allergies, 10% suffered from respiratory allergies, and that 11% of all children had to deal with skin based allergies. Another great exampl Continue Reading

  • Four Reasons you Might Need Suboxone Treatment

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    There are many people currently dealing with alcohol addiction disorders. Many of these people are undiagnosed and do not even realize that they have a clinical problem. In fact on average, alcohol addiction patients receive treatment 8 years after the age at which they develop the condition. This means those 8 long years are spent struggling to overcome alcohol dependence. Eight years can mean that an alcohol addiction problem has affected the person?s career, relationships, and overall happiness. The following signs and symptoms might indicate that an alcohol addiction is present.

    The age you began consuming alcohol
    Age at first alcoholic beverage consumption can indicate a drinking problem. While having your first alcoholic drink at a young age does not guarante Continue Reading

  • How Urgent Care Bridges the Continuum

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    A great deal of the focus in many medical systems and practices is the term “continuum of care.” In some fields, mental health for instance, that means having a tiered system by which patients can receive the treatment level that they need. Hospitals, partial hospitalization programs, therapists and doctors, can provide that continuum of care.

    In a broader sense, continuum of care applies to the whole healthcare system, where the two most used routes have long been the personal physician and the hospital. Unfortunately, this poses many problems. A physician takes time and an appointment to see, which makes urgent healthcare needs difficult. A hospital takes on severe cases and may discharge individuals based on that severity.

    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 48% of all Continue Reading

  • Ill or Injured After Hours or on the Weekend? Maybe an Urgent Care Center Is the Place to Go

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    Most of us have experienced something like this. It is 6:30 pm on a Friday and your seven year old daughter fell playing soccer. She hurt her left knee, what do you do? Or, it is 2:00 pm on Saturday and you fell racing down a tennis ball. You got to it in time but in your pivot back, slipped and now your ankle really hurts, what do you do? You would like to call your primary care doctor. You would like to call the pediatrician. The rub is that you can call them but they will not be able to see you until Monday morning. You do not want to wait days to be treated, you need health care now. Do you go to the emergency room? You are in luck. There is another option. You can go to a skip the wait urgent care center.

    Walk in clinics have popped up around the country to treat urgent medical needs. It is i Continue Reading

  • The Increasing Popularity Of Urgent Care Clinics

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    Finding a new doctor is a decision that thousands of Americans face on a daily basis. For some, it is in response to some sort of sudden illness, and for others it can simply be a result of moving to a new city or state. Whatever the reason may be, finding the right doctor for you and your family is important. What might surprise you is that you can find this at an urgent care clinic. Here are some great things to know about why after hours urgent care centers across the country are becoming more popular each and every day:

    1. Availability – One of the reasons for the popularity of after hours urgent care clinics are their hours of availability. In fact, over 90% of urgent care clinics remain o Continue Reading

  • Five Good Reasons to Pick Local Urgent Care Centers Over the Emergency Room

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    Urgent care services have swept across the nation over the last decade as more and more local urgent care centers are popping up each year. Nearly one out of every five urgent care centers see over 450 patients per week, making urgent care one of the fastest growing health care services in the nation. Here are five solid reasons why local urgent care may just be the way to go for all your health care needs.

    Faster Service
    Patience is a virtue, but sometimes waiting only makes a problem worse. When going to the emergency room, many patients are at the mercy of the night as they wait and see how quickly they can be seen. Continue Reading