• When I Get Sick But Can’t Visit A Physician’s Office Where Do I Go?

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    The cold season is coming. This means it’s time for you to get your flu vaccination and general check-up! Medical care isn’t just a necessity to stay healthy — it’s an absolute must to keep others healthy, from young children to high-risk populations like the elderly and chronically ill. If you’re not sure which form of medical assistance to seek out, however, you may want to keep reading. The difference between your local hospital, a walk-in clinic and urgent care express is something everyone needs to know so they’re not unnecessarily spending extra money when they need care.

    What Are Common Illnesses?

    We’re all familiar with the common song and dance of colds, flus and fevers once the cold season rolls around. This is due to a variety of factors, such as Continue Reading

  • Need Help Choosing Between Your Local Urgent Care Centers?

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    Within the last couple of years, urgent care centers have become the fastest growing type of healthcare providers in the United States. Now generating over $14 billion for the United States economy annually, urgent care facilities are well known for their ability to get customers in and out fast, while greatly reducing their healthcare costs. That being the case, is it any wonder that urgent care clinics now number more than 9,000?

    As with any successful industry, many urgent care services have popped up across the country just for profit, paying very little attention to the quality of services they offer. How can you tell good urgent care centers from the bad? Start with these tips.

    Three Pointers for Choosing a High Quality Urgent Care Center

    1. Look for Continue Reading