• Common Questions About Chronic Pain Answered Getting The Treatment You Need

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    The most insidious part of chronic pain is how easily you can become accustomed to your symptoms. You take painkillers to help you sleep, put on a heating pad to reduce the soreness swelling in your lower back, but without fail it keeps coming back. It affects your ability to rest at night or have fun with your kids. It can make attending to your job harder than before. Without using physical therapy to address the root of your issue you could end up not just living with chronic pain longer than necessary, but developing a disability years down the line.

    Over one billion people live with chronic pain as we speak. Answer a few of the common questions below to get a better idea of what you c Continue Reading

  • Three Things to Think About Before Getting Pain Care

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    No matter how healthy and young you are, accidents happen. There’s any number of reasons you might be living with constant pain. Maybe an illness left you in pain. You might incur and injury doing a physical activity such as a sports injury. Maybe you just lifted something the wrong way and pulled a back muscle. Possibly, you did nothing at all and your body abruptly started hurting. Ongoing pain is so common that one in every two American copes with constant pain of some sort.

    Whatever the reason you are coping with pain on an every day basis, your quality of life and well-being might be severely impacted. If you struggle to get through the day because of your constant pay, it might be time to get help. Seeking medical care can be intimidating; to help you out, we’ve put together an over Continue Reading