• Simple Questions To Ask About Your Chronic Pain Do You Need Physical Therapy?

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    It’s important to meet with a licensed medical professional before committing to any one diagnosis. That doesn’t mean, however, you can’t give yourself a head start.

    Chronic physical pain isn’t normal. Pain comes and goes in response to inside or outside stimuli, a warning your body is trying to communicate to you about a deeper issue, and anything that lasts too long is trouble. When you have a sore back, stiff neck or aching shoulders that interfere with your ability to work and sleep? You need to meet with someone that can give you a long-term solution. While this is by no means professional medical advice, your symptoms can still be narrowed down after you ask a few simple questions about your pain, your lifestyle and your hopes for the future.

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  • Prevent and Deal with Knee Pain at Home

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    The old adage is that the two things that are inevitable in life are “death and taxes.” Whoever came up with that could add “knee pain” because most people will experience it in their lifetimes. The good news is that you can do some things to make it better at home. Knee pain does not mean you have to automatically give up the things you enjoy doing in your life.

    The best thing that you can do for your knee pain is strengthen the muscles that support the joint. The same can be true of many other kinds of physical pain. If you had suffered an injury, before you begin a new routine, you should talk with your doctor or physical therapist.

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