• What’s an Urgent Care Center, and Why Do People Go to Them?

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    What’s an urgent care center, and why do people go to them?

    What is Urgent Care?

    Urgent care centers are a kind of medical care clinic that provides a convenient way to get medical attention quickly and see a doctor without having to visit an emergency room. Sometimes an urgent care center is attached to a hospital; at other times it is a stand alone facility.

    What Can They Treat at Urgent Care?

    An urgent care center can give flu shots, give stitches, treat colds and the flu, and provide care for wou Continue Reading

  • Understanding the Urgent Care Multi Medical Model

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    It is Friday evening and you are looking forward to your weekend full of plans. Yet, come Saturday morning and your previous night of sniffling has turned into a full blown cold. You are running a fever, your body is chilled, and you feel overly fatigued. You are sure that they are symptoms of a common cold, especially since it has been making its rounds in your office the previous week. But, you want to be sure and speak with a physician. However, your primary physician?s office is closed and you have to work on Monday, when they finally reopen. What do you do? Do you head to the local emergency department of your hospital or do you visit a nearby urgent care center?

    What is urgent care?

    Urgent care is a multicare medical model that is quickly growing around the country. It i Continue Reading