• The Process of the Hair Transplant Procedures

    Hair restoration

    Hair loss is a common and frustrating part of growing older for many men. In the United States alone, about 35 million men are enduring some level of hair loss or baldness. Hair loss is tough to treat and can lead to a decrease in self esteem and confidence. This can also affect confidence levels when it comes to work, relationships, and overall personal feelings of the self. Understand what your hair replacement options are and get your self confidence back!

    Consult with your physician
    The first step in your hair replacement journey should be a medical visit with your primary physician. It is possible that they will blow off your concerns, as hair loss is usually not a primary concern to them. However, insist that you have your bloodwork taken. Bloodwork should be annually c Continue Reading

  • I’m Experiencing Hair Loss What Are My Options?

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    Our hair is considered one of the most beautiful parts of our bodies. Its luster, sheen and body is often a great source of pride for many people and they will spend a lot of effort and money to maintain its appearance. Likewise, many suffer great dips in their self-esteem when they start experiencing hair loss, male pattern baldness and general thinning. If this has happened to you or someone you know, fear not. Hair loss is one of the most common occurrences when it comes to scalp and hair health and, as such, many clinics have already devised multiple effective ways of reversing the process. From scalp micropigmentation to a FUE hair transplant, the sky’s the limit for how you can get your hair back to its original glory.

    What Is Hair Loss?

    Simply put, hair loss is w Continue Reading