• Ill or Injured After Hours or on the Weekend? Maybe an Urgent Care Center Is the Place to Go

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    Most of us have experienced something like this. It is 6:30 pm on a Friday and your seven year old daughter fell playing soccer. She hurt her left knee, what do you do? Or, it is 2:00 pm on Saturday and you fell racing down a tennis ball. You got to it in time but in your pivot back, slipped and now your ankle really hurts, what do you do? You would like to call your primary care doctor. You would like to call the pediatrician. The rub is that you can call them but they will not be able to see you until Monday morning. You do not want to wait days to be treated, you need health care now. Do you go to the emergency room? You are in luck. There is another option. You can go to a skip the wait urgent care center.

    Walk in clinics have popped up around the country to treat urgent medical needs. It is i Continue Reading

  • Are You Looking for Emergency Care at an Affordable Price?

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    Another weekend another event.
    You look forward to the time when the kids are older, the chance for injury is smaller, and the trips to the urgent care health centers are rare instead of common.
    After another weekend trip for a needed x-ray after a sports practice injury, you sometimes feel like more people know you by name at the local health clinic then the number of people who recognize you at your neighborhood grocery store.
    If you have kids you are likely accustomed to the sometimes frequent trips to the doctor to check out the latest problem. For some families, however, the medical visits to the family pediatrician are often difficult to get scheduled and the trips to the emergency room are simply too expensive. For many, urgent care 24 hours facilities are often the most convenient and t Continue Reading