• The Importance of Clinical Trials to Develop New Drugs and Medical Procedures

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    In order to develop new drugs and medical procedures, researchers need to conduct clinical trials. As a result, there are a large number of these trials that take place within the United States. A recent survey on this topic revealed, however, that approximately 96% of the participants had never participated in a clinical trial. This is interesting to note, as roughly 46% of the participants believed that clinical trials were valuable to the health care system. Furthermore, these individuals also indicated that they considered clinical trial participation to be the equivalent of donating blood.

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  • Scurvy How It Shaped Clinical Trials Forever

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    Scurvy. It was the bane of 18th century life, often destroying the lives of members aboard ships headed across the Atlantic Ocean. It was a man that was named James Lind who began to change all of that. He was the father of an important mechanism seen in today’s society: the clinical trial.

    A clinical trial is a research project headed by scientists or other researchers to determine the effect of a drug that has medicinal and therapeutic value towards alleviating the symptoms or curing a particular illness.

    While clinical trials today are lengthy–in 1999 they spanned 460 days, while in 2005 they spanned 780 days, the first one took less than a week and was done aboard a ship.

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  • The Importance of Clinical Trials for Introducing New Drugs and Treatments to the Market

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    Have you ever participated in a clinical trial? A recent survey was conducted in the United States on this subject. The results showed approximately 96% of the participants had never participated in a clinical study before.

    If you’ve ever donated blood, you know how important this act can be to the health care system to assist them with saving lives. The clinical trial survey showed that around 46% of the participants “somewhat agreed” that participating in clinical trials was as valuable as donating blood.

    The Importance of Informed Consent

    When someone participates in a clinical trial, they need to provide their informed consent. Basically, this means that prior to participating in the study, potential participants will receive information about the study so that they will be ab Continue Reading