• The Importance of Clinical Trials for Introducing New Drugs and Treatments to the Market

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    Have you ever participated in a clinical trial? A recent survey was conducted in the United States on this subject. The results showed approximately 96% of the participants had never participated in a clinical study before.

    If you’ve ever donated blood, you know how important this act can be to the health care system to assist them with saving lives. The clinical trial survey showed that around 46% of the participants “somewhat agreed” that participating in clinical trials was as valuable as donating blood.

    The Importance of Informed Consent

    When someone participates in a clinical trial, they need to provide their informed consent. Basically, this means that prior to participating in the study, potential participants will receive information about the study so that they will be ab Continue Reading

  • Have You Ever Been Part of a Clinical Study?

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    Some medical research studies across the nation are waiting on the latest decisions in Washington, D.C. to see if they will continue to receive funding. For while some medical research studies are funded by pharmaceutical companies, universities, and large corporations, others receive at least partial funding from government programs, some of which might be threatened to major changes or the complete dismantling of programs included in the Affordable Care Act.
    As a nation, many people rely on the results of clinical drug development studies and other types of clinical trials for the medicine and the treatment that they need. In a time of changing healthcare funding, like the one that often happens with a new Presidential cabinet, many patients, doctors, and the studies themselves are in a wait and Continue Reading

  • How a Drug Grows Up The Four Phases of Drug Development

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    If your doctor has ever prescribed a new drug for you for anything at all, rest assured that even if you don’t know what it is or how it works, it has been through the ringer as far as testing is concerned. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still do all of the research you might be inclined to do, but it does mean that you can bet that the drug has been thoroughly tested. In fact, it has been put through the four phases of clinical drug development and if it has emerged ready for you to take, you can know that it must have passed the trials with flying colors.

    There are four phases of clinical trials that new drugs have to go through in medical research studiesContinue Reading

  • What Constitute The Phase 1 Clinical Trial Research Studies

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    During medical research studies, doctors conduct different levels of clinical trials to analyze a particular treatment or a possible medical intervention and these clinical trials include four phases of research. With the early phase looking at the safety of a drug and its side effects, it’s in the later stage of this phase where a sample size is increased and tests conducted for more information on a trial drug.

    The types of phases involved in clinical research are Phase 1 , Phase 2. Phase 3 and Phase 4.
    What is involved in Phase 1 Clinical trial?
    In this phase of clinical drug development, a clini Continue Reading