• The Benefits Of Bunion Surgery

    Foot pain

    Foot pain is a common complaint among people in the United States, as most Americans travel frequently by foot, racking up around 75,000 miles walked by the time they are fifty years old. In fact, in one day alone, an average American adult will take up to 6,000 steps – and some will take more. As we know, the foot, which has an astounding twenty six bones, is incredibly important. We need our feet to take us places, to get us where we need to go. But all too often, Americans as suffering from foot conditions that can be treated and managed. For example, bunion surgery painful as it may be, can provide relief from what can become an excruciating condition.

    Bunion surgery painful but often necessary, can become necessary for a number of reasons, as well as a number of other sometimes debilitating foot conditi Continue Reading