• 5 Ways to Make Sure Your Child Isn’t Afraid of the Dentist From Day 1

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    Trips to the dentists bring anxiety out in many people, children especially.

    When children are still young, they often don’t know what to expect during a trip to the family dentist, which causes them to become nervous and fearful. Many of these feelings come as a result of others’ feelings.

    As a parent, it is important to put any sore feelings that you have aside about the dentist and make sure that your child knows that seeing a dentist is perfectly normal and safe.

    Here are some ways to make your child’s trips to the dentist easier and calmer:

    1. Teach your child from an early age that oral hygiene is important. Teeth brushing is the most important first step in establishing a positive relationship with the dentist, and it’s never too early to start.

      Even before your chi Continue Reading
  • Chronic Childhood Illness There Are Solutions Available

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    It’s always difficult when your child is sick. Even if all your child has is a cold, you will worry and wonder about their health to an outrageous extent — and that’s a part of being a good parent. But when your child has a health issue that is more serious, those worries start feeling ineffective. Parents understandably hate feeling helpless, and nothing will make you feel more helpless than having a sick child who needs more than a bit of cold medicine and a few days in bed to make them feel better. Sometimes, more serious health issues don’t immediately look very serious. For example, your child getting a sinus infection is not that big of a problem. But if that turns into a series of sinus infections, you’re looking at an issue that is much more problematic. Luckily, there are s Continue Reading

  • Ill or Injured After Hours or on the Weekend? Maybe an Urgent Care Center Is the Place to Go

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    Most of us have experienced something like this. It is 6:30 pm on a Friday and your seven year old daughter fell playing soccer. She hurt her left knee, what do you do? Or, it is 2:00 pm on Saturday and you fell racing down a tennis ball. You got to it in time but in your pivot back, slipped and now your ankle really hurts, what do you do? You would like to call your primary care doctor. You would like to call the pediatrician. The rub is that you can call them but they will not be able to see you until Monday morning. You do not want to wait days to be treated, you need health care now. Do you go to the emergency room? You are in luck. There is another option. You can go to a skip the wait urgent care center.

    Walk in clinics have popped up around the country to treat urgent medical needs. It is i Continue Reading

  • Your Health Does Not Always Cooperate with Office Hours

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    Everyone wants their family to be happy and healthy. It is the basic desire that exists and connects people across the globe. Unfortunately, not everyone has the same opportunities when it comes to efficient or quality health care. That basic need for good health should be met with the basic rights and access to good health care, and it is something that societies around the world are striving to meet, or at least should be striving to meet. If you are one of the individuals or families blessed with such access, chances are you have a few different plans for getting the medical attention your family needs. Not every family medical center has care available all hours, and as you know, many illnesses and injuries do not wait to conveniently occur during the normal hours of operation of those clinics.

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  • Growing Old can Also Mean Health Problems

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    People are living longer these days, which is a good things. But many people aren’t in the greatest of health, with ailments such as diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Many older people also have joint issues such as arthritis, chronic knee problems and chronic back problems. These problems can cause a number of issues and also may require various treatments.

    Many of the health problems of older people are of their own doing. Most cases of diabetes in older people are adult-onset diabetes, called type 2. Nearly all these cases are caused by a combination of poor diet and lack of exercise that lead to obesity. Many people who catch their type 2 diabetes early can treat it simply by adjusting their diet and exercises. In some cases, such treatments may completely reduce the symptoms of Continue Reading

  • Do You Have Acne Scarring? Why More Adults are Undergoing Scar Revision Surgery

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    If you are an average American adult, chances are that you’ve picked up a few scars along the way. You may have fallen off your bicycle when you were a kid, been in a few minor car accidents, and fallen in the ice and snow. If you still have substantial scarring from any of your accidents, you may want to talk to a doctor about scar revision surgery. Doctors want patients to know that there are several types of scars that may respond well to scar revision surgery, and that they can offer a variety of payment options.

    Some scars are actually leftovers from our teen years: scarring due to acne can be deep and can leave skin with a pockmarked or stained appearance. You may have a scar from a previous surgery, or some light scarring from minor accidents. These types of scars do not really impede our day-to Continue Reading

  • How Medically Supervised Weight Loss Can Work for You

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    Scrolling through the Instagram feed, you?re bound to catch glimpses of fitness photos of so many weight loss success stories. What?s less popular are the photos showing the sweat, hard work, and consistent activity it takes to get to that point. That grimace, that sour lemon taste face is nowhere near as appealing as the new flat tummy and tightened buns that took months, even years to achieve. That quick glimpse of end results may make viewers think that those bodies are the result of fast weight loss, but nothing could be further from the truth. Every fitness journey is different, and some people have a much more difficult time losing weight and keeping it off. For some, Continue Reading

  • I’m Experiencing Hair Loss What Are My Options?

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    Our hair is considered one of the most beautiful parts of our bodies. Its luster, sheen and body is often a great source of pride for many people and they will spend a lot of effort and money to maintain its appearance. Likewise, many suffer great dips in their self-esteem when they start experiencing hair loss, male pattern baldness and general thinning. If this has happened to you or someone you know, fear not. Hair loss is one of the most common occurrences when it comes to scalp and hair health and, as such, many clinics have already devised multiple effective ways of reversing the process. From scalp micropigmentation to a FUE hair transplant, the sky’s the limit for how you can get your hair back to its original glory.

    What Is Hair Loss?

    Simply put, hair loss is w Continue Reading

  • Therapists Can Provide the Support You Need During a Difficult Time


    Are you going through a major life transition? Have you been feeling depressed and unsure of how to move forward? Or perhaps you’re married, and either you or your spouse have been unfaithful, and you’re not sure if it’s time to get divorced.

    Whether you’re seeking individual counseling, marriage counseling, family and group therapy or considering online relationship counseling, therapists can help you through these and other major life issues and transitions.

    If you’ve never been to a therapist before, you might be interested to know that 93% of the people that have worked with a marriage or family therapist claimed that it was a beneficial experience. This is because their therapist Continue Reading

  • What Constitute The Phase 1 Clinical Trial Research Studies

    Clinical study

    During medical research studies, doctors conduct different levels of clinical trials to analyze a particular treatment or a possible medical intervention and these clinical trials include four phases of research. With the early phase looking at the safety of a drug and its side effects, it’s in the later stage of this phase where a sample size is increased and tests conducted for more information on a trial drug.

    The types of phases involved in clinical research are Phase 1 , Phase 2. Phase 3 and Phase 4.
    What is involved in Phase 1 Clinical trial?
    In this phase of clinical drug development, a clini Continue Reading

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