• What You Need to Know about an Employee Group Benefits Plan

    Voluntary benefits programs for part-time and casu

    Employee turnover is one of the greatest expenses a company will be forced to deal with. The expense of turnover includes lost production, increased marketing, training, and more. According to one report, $11 billion is lost annually as a direct result of employee turnover. Further, nearly half of all millennials report, if given the opportunity, they will leave their current employer within two years.

    Despite the belief that there is an overall lack of jobs in the United States, over half of employees state that they are confident they can find a new job in the next 12 months. Another 35% state they will leave their current job if they do not receive a pay raise within the next year.

    Businesses are finding it more and more difficult to find and maintain reliable Continue Reading

  • Urgent Care Clinics Here to Help!

    Poulsbo urgent care

    Keeping yourself healthy is one of the most difficult things to do. Regardless of how wonderful our diet is, whether we get the recommended amount of daily exercise, limit our exposure to toxins, and attempt to manage stress in a healthy way; illness can catch us when we least expect it.

    When you’re faced with an unexpected illness or accident, it’s good to know that there are numerous clinics near you with some of the best doctors around. Whether you’re feeling under the weather or sprained an ankle like an estimated 25,000 Americans each day, it’s good to know that there are great local doctors at an urgent care clinic near you.

    An estimated 3 million patients visit urgent care clinics each wea Continue Reading

  • Supplements Improve Digestion and Overall Health

    Scientific solutions for cellular health

    Your digestive system needs enough vitamins to function properly. If you take the proper supplements to improve digestion, it can alleviate constipation, bloating, and improve your glucose tolerance. Also, if you suffer from heartburn, you may benefit from taking digestive enzyme supplements. Some of these digestive health supplements are good at removing toxins from the body.

    There are more than 60,000 different compounds produced in big quantities for agricultural and industrial use in the United States. None of them require safety testing! That is an alarming amount considering that these compounds are in our environment and sometimes end up in our food. Considering that heavy metals seem to be so prevalent in our society, we may need to take heavy metal detox supplements.
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  • Have You Had the Difficult Conversations with Your Aging Parents?

    Normal il nursing homes

    Have you ever had one of those conversations where you talk about everything, except what you really should be talking about?
    With your father you talk about the weather and the fact that last night’s storm brought as much as two inches of rain, but not about the eventual need for him to move into some kind of assisted living setting.
    With your mother you talk about how an old neighborhood friend has planted three dozen tulip bulbs in her backyard, but not about the fact that your mother does not seem to be able to keep herself as clean as she once did.
    With both of your parents you talk about the news from the city council that the potholes around the city are not going to be fixed until early fall, but you do not discuss their wishes about what they want to do when they are no longer able Continue Reading

  • Have You Ever Been Part of a Clinical Study?

    Phase 1 clinical trial

    Some medical research studies across the nation are waiting on the latest decisions in Washington, D.C. to see if they will continue to receive funding. For while some medical research studies are funded by pharmaceutical companies, universities, and large corporations, others receive at least partial funding from government programs, some of which might be threatened to major changes or the complete dismantling of programs included in the Affordable Care Act.
    As a nation, many people rely on the results of clinical drug development studies and other types of clinical trials for the medicine and the treatment that they need. In a time of changing healthcare funding, like the one that often happens with a new Presidential cabinet, many patients, doctors, and the studies themselves are in a wait and Continue Reading

  • The Health Value of CPAP Machines

    Bipap mask

    Sleep apnea is a dangerous and debilitating condition. According to the Mayo Clinic, a respected medical authority in America, sleep apnea is a serious sleep disorder where breathing starts and stops while the individual is asleep. The health effects of this disorder can begin to be understood with the following statistics:

    • People with untreated sleep apnea have a stroke risk four times higher than those without sleep apnea.
    • Untreated sleep apnea sufferers are three times more likely to have heart disease than those without sleep apnea.
    • Between 2-4% of all Americans have an undiagnosed case of sleep apnea. This means one in 50 individuals have not been diagnosed.

    Sleep apnea is twice as common in men as it is in women. The disorder affects around 18 million Americans. It can le Continue Reading

  • Drug Trials May Are Often Affected by Decisions in DC

    Clinical label design and print

    As the nation watches to see if the Republicans will make a move this week to dismantle the Affordable Care Act and implement a new plan, many consumers, doctors, pharmaceutical companies and sales people, and others involved in the health care industry wonder what the future will be like. From one side of the aisle to the other, it is difficult to interpret what the real implications will be. From the complicated clinical trials project management to the comparator sourcing projects that are already in process to the new research that many hope to explore, it seems like this is a week where many things hang in the balance.
    Pharmaceutical blister packaging companies, nurse practitioners, average citizens alike look forw Continue Reading

  • Tips For Medical Packaging Design

    Medical blister packaging

    When it comes to design of any kind, which includes medical packaging techniques, you have to think outside of the box. Medical packaging design plays an integral part in not only sales but also the entire brand of the pharmaceutical supply chain. There are levels to the medical packaging design process. The first is the inside design of packaging and the second is the outside design of the packaging. Most manufacturers tend to only focus on one level of the packaging process and tend to miss out of the opportunity to truly capitalize on the full advantages of a properly design medical device package. Here are some tips to the trade that will allow your brand to take full advantage of medical packaging design.

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  • Has Your Doctor Recommended Lasik Eye Surgery?

    Eye surgeon

    You still remember one of the last times you had taken a trip. In fact, as you prepare to leave on this grand anniversary adventure with your husband, it is difficult not to flash back.
    You were on an airplane in the middle of February and thought to yourself: if I gain anymore weight I will be asking for a lap extender. In truth, you could barely buckle the belt as there was not even a little bit of slack. You kept these thoughts to yourself at the time because you simply did not want to admit your fear to your high school friend who was traveling back home with you to a reunion.
    The reality of thinking that you may soon require a seat belt extension, however, made your stomach hurt, and not just because the belt was so tight you could barely breath. Your stomach hurt because the pain of your weight batt Continue Reading

  • Take Your Life Back With the Help of a Chiropractor


    If you suffer from back or neck pain or frequent headaches, looking into chiropractic care might be an excellent idea for you. Chiropractic benefits are numerous in more areas than just the back and neck. Some patients claim that visiting their chiropractor has helped with some mental health issues, such as anxiety, depression, and general pain. Getting regular chiropractic adjustments can help you gain more mobility and become more active. Your need for spinal surgery or other more invasive procedures may be minimized when you visit chiropractors. If you’ve never visited a chiropractor before, you may not know exactly when you should seek chiropractic services out or what they can help you with. Read on below to learn about all Continue Reading

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