• Clinical Trials for New Medication

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    With the way that science and medicine have advanced over the course of the last couple of hundred years, it sometimes seems surprising that there is not a cure for every known illness and condition already. To be sure, there have been great advances, and many people are here today because of the medical progress that has taken place. But there is always more to learn. As we learn more and more about the world around us, we become aware of new diseases as well. These discoveries can be seen as a good thing, as the discovery of its existence marks the point that working toward a cure can begin.

    The modern world and the modern human body

    There are many people who also suspect that the way our species is currently living has something to do with the introduct Continue Reading

  • Finding the Right CPAP Machine Can Help You Get the Sleep That You Need

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    If you are looking for a way to be more energized and more productive in the new year, you might start by making sure that you get a good night’s rest. For the 18 million Americans who suffer from sleep apnea, getting that good night’s rest might rely on using a CPAP machine. Unfortunately, a sufferer of obstructive sleep apnea may experience as many as 60 apneas in a single hour. This interrupted rest can lead to not only being less productive in work and in everyday tasks, it can also lead to an increase in even greater health risks. In fact, studies indicate that untreated sleep apnea sufferers are three times as likely to have heart disease and face a risk of stroke that is four times as likely as those who are not afflicted.
    It seems foolish that so many people put themselves at risk of hea Continue Reading

  • Why You Should Give CPAP Machines a Shot if You Suffer From Sleep Apnea

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    A good night’s sleep is something that can be an absolutely magical remedy for the stresses of the day, headaches or oncoming bugs, and issues that bounce around your brain with no apparent solution. Sleeping on it can be a great way to remedy each of those things. However if you are the one in every 50 people who is attempting to sleep peacefully each night but instead struggles with an undiagnosed case of sleep apnea, your health could be at a greater risk than you realize. Luckily, there are sleep apnea solutions that can help you turn your health issues around.

    CPAP machines to help you sleep soundly through the night

    Sleep apnea is a dangerous condition. Though often characterized by heavy snores and grunts in one’s sleep, it is much more serious than keeping your partner Continue Reading

  • Understanding What Causes Common Types of Eczema


    Eczema is a condition that can affect both adults and children. Many people living with this skin condition visit a dermatologist in order to receive the proper treatment. There are several types of eczema that someone can experience. Considering that, here are three common types of eczema and what causes these conditions.

    1. Atopic Dermatitis

      Many people who live with atopic dermatitis are experiencing the most common type of eczema. Many people that live with this condition usually begin having it during childhood. In some cases, atopic dermatitis goes away naturally by the time a child becomes an adult. People suffering from atopic dermatitis often experie Continue Reading
  • Holiday Surgeries Can Put a Glitch in Your Christmas Schedule

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    This will probably not be your oldest daughter’s favorite winter break. Just three days after she comes home from college she is scheduled for a shoulder surgery that should help her not only relieve the pain from a torn ligament, but make it possible to compete with her college gymnastics team again by her senior year. This surgery means, however, that instead of returning to campus that day after Christmas and starting workouts with the rest of her teammates, your daughter will spend the entire winter break at home. She is still a ways off from getting to talk physical therapy for orthopaedics, but she will be staying home to attend follow up visits with the surgeon. And though she will Continue Reading

  • Urgent Care and Emergency Care The Differences

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    In the United States, the average American knows very little about how the medical industry works. Surely there are people who are not doctors that understand when they are supposed to take prescribed medicine and what the medicine does to them but that does not mean they have any degree of awareness to how the actual medical industry works. There are plenty of examples to look to for evidence of this concept.

    For instance, the average person has probably never heard of the National Health Interview Survey, which is also referred to as the NHIS. The NHIS revealed in 2014 that just about 8.4% children suffered from hay fever, 5% had to deal with food-related allergies, 10% suffered from respiratory allergies, and that 11% of all children had to deal with skin based allergies. Another great exampl Continue Reading

  • Does a Walk-In Clinic Save You Time?

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    Depending on the year, on average somewhere between 5 to 20% of adults will contract the flu virus. Doctors routinely remind patients to get an annual flu shot to mitigate one’s risk of coming down with the virus, however it can be difficult for many working professionals to find the time. When it comes to health if you don’t take the time to keep your body healthy, your body will take the time it needs later in the form of illness. If you find that the doctor’s office is simply too much of an inconvenience, try a walk-in medical care clinic or urgent care center instead.

    Don’t Risk Your Health: It’s Better to Be Safe Than Sorry.

    Very few people enjoy going to the doctor. That’s not to say that scores of people are afraid of Continue Reading

  • You Can Prevent Skin Cancer with These 6 Tips

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    Many people live with the fear of developing cancer. The bad news is that nearly 40% of us will be diagnosed with some form of cancer during our lives. The good news is that a lot of cancers can be prevented. Skin cancer is one such form of cancer. It is one of the most common yet preventable cancers around the world.

    Tips to Cut Your Risk of Developing Skin Cancer:

    1. Remember, all sun tans and burns are damage to your skin. There is no such thing as a “safe” tan. That means going to the salon to lay in a tanning bed is going to do as much damage to your skin as a day at the beach. While we may have it in our heads that heathy equals tan, it is not true. If you simply must get that “healthy glow,” the best way to do that is to get a spray or other artificial tan. Continue Reading
  • The Different Types of Physical Therapy

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    Physical therapy is often the first line of treatment for many injuries. Physical therapy is usually preferred because it is non invasive, affordable, and has good success rates. Every year, approximately 50% of U.S. adults develop a musculoskeletal injury that persists longer than three months. Fortunately, there are many different types of physical therapy available to treat these injuries.

    Strengthening physical therapy exercises

    One of the most common types of physical therapy is to strengthen the injured area and its surrounding muscles and ligaments. Up to 31 million Americans experience low back pain at any given time. Back pain can affect your ability to sleep, work, or exerc Continue Reading

  • Health Club Success Tips for the New Owner

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    Fitness and exercise has always been a passion of yours. You have finally decided to turn your passion into a career. You have the location picked out, the name decided, and you are ready to open your own health club. Before you open your doors and let the first member in, it is important to have a strong business plan. This business plan will set you apart from other local gyms. It will encourage fitness enthusiasts in the area to choose your health club over other ones. Your business plan should include the following factors.

    Important business information

    Once you begin to gain some interest in your health club, you will find that local community members have a lot of questions. What are your business hours? What are the package rates and what is included with each package? Can t Continue Reading

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