• Putting Urgent Care at Your Fingertips


    Let’s face it – when you want to go see your doctor for a variety of health ailments and checkups every year, you don’t want to have to wait a century just for an appointment. And then you take a few hours off of work and go to your appointment, and the office is so backed up that you sit and wait for hours to be seen. You have a busy life, and so you deserve the best care from a doctor that cares about your health and wants to get you instant results. Whether it be for flu shots, sports physicals, urgent care, and more, an urgent care center will see you for a variety of reasons and help you get the results you were looking for, faster.

    Americans Need Urgent Care

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  • Five Ways to Get the Most out of your Emergency Medical Care

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    Many people would describe their most recent visit to the emergency care room as hectic, confusing, and busy. Emergency room doctors are often required to see many patients, all day long. Each patient might not feel like they get the most dedicated of medical care. These tips will ensure that you get everything you need and desire out of your emergency medical care visit.

    Ask a lot of questions
    Emergency room doctors have many patients on their mind at any given hour of the workday. For this reason, they might forget to share necessary information or medical information with you. However, this does not mean that you cannot ask them q Continue Reading

  • The Multiple Advantages of Visiting a Local Urgent Care Facility

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    Urgent care facilities provide more convenient, faster, and less expensive medical services than traditional hospital emergency rooms. Furthermore, since 50% of these centers are owned by an individual doctor or group of doctors, a wide range of medical evaluations and treatments can be provided.

    Approximately 40% of urgent care centers have the ability to order prescriptions electronically. They also have computerized systems that enable them to view imaging and lab results. In addition, these facilities also collect and have access to patient information, such as demographics and clinical notes. In order to simplify the billing process, these centers also equipped to provide medical condition and procedure c Continue Reading

  • Dermatologist Duties Run the Gamut, From Pimples to Moles to Skin Resurfacing

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    When people think of a dermatologist, they automatically think of acne — and with good reason. About 85% of people will have acne at some point in time, and though it most commonly affects teenagers, people can get acne well into middle age. Dermatologists do treat millions of cases of acne each year, but they also do so much more. Just the field of general dermatology can encompass dozens of both minor and serious skin ailments, but dermatologists also can specialize in certain disciplines. Here are some of the common reasons that people wind up seeking treatment from a dermatologist. Continue Reading

  • Important Things to Know about Proton Therapy

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    Interested in knowing more about prostate cancer options in treatment? One of the most popular recent developments in treatments for this disease is proton therapy. Read on for some facts about proton therapy and his could be involved in prostate cancer cure, treatment, and outcome statistics.

    • What is Proton Cancer Treatment?: Proton therapy is another type of radiation therapy. Radiation therapy for cancer treatment has been round for a long time. What distinguishes proton therapy is that the radiation is much more targeted. It stops at a very specific point. Radiation is good for killing cancer cells; but it?s also possible to damage healthy cells with radiation, too. Therefore, having a more targeted treatment, if it is effective, is in everyone?s best interests.
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